Traveling Museum of Oregon Prehistory

Sponsored by Oregon State Parks Annual Archaeology Celebration

Friday, October 11, 2013

Smith Rock State Park
9241 NE Crooked River Drive
Terrebonne, OR 97760
United States

Traveling Museum developed by retired State Archaeologist Dr. Leland Gilsen. Exhibit sconsisting of reproduction and replica artifacts covering 14,000 years of Oregon prehistory for NW Coast; Columbia Platueu; Inter-Mountain; Great Basin; and California ecozones and cultural adaptations found in Oregon.

State parks will bus in children from area schools during the day. There will be a pogram for adult visitors in the evening.

Discussion on the material culture of the native people with an emphasis on technological solutions to complex ecological and social issues. Demonstrations of  technologies, for example, the compound dart and atlatl and the bow drill. An emphasis on not using terms like "primitive" through examples of clever and tested technological systems.

Basic introduction to technologies of bone, stone, wood, fiber, sinew, shell, minerals, hide, etc.


Eric Iseman Seasonal Ranger Aid Interpretive Program
(541) 548-7501

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