Digital Resources

A permanent list of digital resources in archaeology and related fields.

  • Directory of Graduate Programs in the United States and Canada
    The AIA Committee on Archaeology in Higher Education has composed this directory to for persons intending to apply for admission to a graduate-level program in Classical/Mediterranean archaeology and/or a related field, including Near Eastern and Egyptian archaeology, the study of Classical/ancient art, museum studies, and art conservation.
  • Undergraduate Programs in Archaeology
    A list of departments, programs, curricula, and consortia, with a curricular track or program in archaeology, and/or granting B.A. degrees in archaeology.
  • Research Institutes and Working Groups
    A list of independent, national, or university-based research institutes, programs, or initiatives specializing in archaeology.
  • Excavations, Surveys, and other Research Initiatives
    A list of excavations, surveys, other field projects and research programs in archaeology.
  • Museum Collections
    A list of permanent archaeological exhibitions and research collections.
  • Bibliographies
    A list of available on-line digital bibliographies relevant to archaeological research.
  • Research Libraries
    A list of research libraries with specialized collections relevant to archeological research.
  • Databases and other Electronic Resources
    A list of catalogues, databases, virtual/electronic excavations, and other research and visualization projects available on line.
  • On-line Discussion Groups and Blogs
    Links to open-access on-line discussion and news groups in archaeology and related areas.
  • Book Reviews
    A list of open-access on-line publications reviewing books in archaeology.
  • Professional Societies
    Links to the homepages of professional societies and organizations specializing in archaeology and related fields.