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Mount Vernon and University of Maryland Field School in Historic Preservation

Location: Mount Vernon, Virginia, United States

May 27, 2014 to July 3, 2014

Application Deadline: 
Monday, March 31, 2014

Flyer: 2014_field_school_flyer.pdf

Program Type

Field school


George Washington's Mount Vernon and University of Maryland

Project Director:

Eleanor Breen (Mount Vernon), Luke Pecoraro (Mount Vernon), Tom Reinhart (Mount Vernon), Esther White (Mount Vernon), and Donald Linebaugh (University of Maryland)

Project Description

George Washington’s Mount Vernon, located near Washington, DC, is the historic site dedicated to interpreting the life of the first president within the context of his home and plantation.  The 2014 Mount Vernon / University of Maryland (UMD) Field School in Historic Preservation embarks on its second year of a multi-year project to investigate the archaeological, architectural, and interpretive histories of the Washington families’ kitchen to create an integrated approach to its study, documentation, and public presentation.

This course will instruct students in historic preservation method and theory.  Students will learn archaeological and architectural field methodology, laboratory procedures, and current themes in historical archaeology and historical preservation.   Through readings, discussions, and field trips, as well as conducting fieldwork at George Washington’s original Mansion House Farm, students will delve into three prominent themes of historic house museums – the evolution of the plantation landscape, African American history, and public interpretation.

Period(s) of Occupation: Historic Period

Project size: 
1-24 participants

Minimum Length of Stay for Volunteers: 6 weeks

Experience required: 

Room and Board Arrangements

Mount Vernon does not offer housing on the property, but staff will work with students to find local accommodations if necessary. A modest stipend will be provided.

Academic Credit

Name of institution offering credit: 
University of Maryland
Number of credits offered 6


Contact Information
Eleanor Breen
PO Box 110
Mount Vernon