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Deadline: March 24, 2011

Antithesis Research, a Native American Non-Profit Organization has an immediate opening for a lead archaeologist to work on a grant in the Pacific Northwest. Position requires strong GIS/GPS knowledge and some experience with total stations. Please be ready to work with minority communities, urban-regional planners, biologists, architects, engineers, economists, and sociologists.

Applicants must have at a minimum a masters degree in archaeology or related field, verifiable GIS/GPS skill in the field and in report writing. Applicant archaeological experience in the Pacific Northwest, Great Basin, or South West preferred, other regions considered.

To apply please submit your vita including three work references to and forward a copy to

If you are considering relocating, the job will last a minimum of two years full time, non-seasonal, guaranteed. Position is salaried, plus benefits, plus paid holidays, and paid personal time off,.....looking for permanent addition to the team in a supervisory role beyond this two year project, and you do not have to be stationed in the PNW.

Scott Radford

Ford, WA
United States

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