Abstract: Mughal Caravanserais: Anchoring Landscapes of Identity, Exchange, and Power in Northern South Asia.

Lecturer: Jennifer Campbell

Over-viewing my research with the Caravanserai Networks Project and looking at Mughal Caravanserais (1500-1800 AD) in Northern South Asia this talk examines the importance of these structures in facilitating trade and travel across the Northern Subcontinent. Caravanserai served as vital nodes that echoed Imperial power and control and that contributed, and continue to contribute, to regional and personal notions of identity - both for users and administrators. I explore these concepts through architectural analysis focused on the creation of temporally bounded 3-Dimensional models, the methodology and contributions of which I will also overview in this talk.

Short bibliography on lecture topic:


Schimmel, Annemarie 2004 The Empire of the Great Mughals, History, Art and Culture. Reaktion Books Limited: London..

Sinopoli, Carla 1994 "Monumentality and Mobility in Mughal Capitals." Asian Perspectives 33(2):293-308.



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Jennifer Campbell is with the State University of New York at Potsdam, and holds her degrees from the University of Toronto (Ph.D.) and Memorial University of Newfoundland.  Her research... Read More

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