Abstract: The Kilns of Thasos: An Island Potter's Workshop in Ancient Greece (6th century B.C.)

Lecturer: Jacques Perreault

Pottery production increased greatly during the Archaic period (7th-5th c. B.C.) in the Greek world and we know of many different styles and production centres. Unfortunately, very few pottery workshops of this period have been found. A team of French, Canadian and Greek archaeologists excavated the only known pottery workshop on the Northern Greek island of Thasos, and one of the very few in Greece. This lecture will present the results of the excavation of this workshop, where apart from the impressive quantity of vases uncovered, all structures necessary to the production of pottery have been found. We will examine the particular architectural features, the extremely diversified production, and the distribution of the workshop’s production in the North Aegean and the Black Sea.

Suggested Bibliography/Websites:
F. Blondé, J.Y. Perreault, C. Péristéri, "L'atelier de potier archaïque de Phari", in Les ateliers de potiers dans le monde grec aux époques géométrique, archaïque et classique, table ronde organisée par l'Ecole Française d'Archéologie d'Athènes, 2 et 3 octobre 1987, BCH, supplément 23 (1992), p.11-40.

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