Abstract: Master Narratives, Interpretive Strategies, and Regional Archaeology in Greece: The Case of the Nemea Valley in the NE Peloponnesos

Lecturer: James Wright

Our understanding and approaches to the study and recovery of the past in Greece has changed dramatically during the past 40 years.  A major reason for this change is the shift towards exploring regions in a diachronic perspective to recover evidence of their changing human ecology.  Using this information provides a context for understanding the results of excavation and the testimony of ancient sources.  Of equal importance has been collaboration with anthropologists studying the dynamics of urban and rural life since before the founding of the Greek nation state in the early 19thc.   In this talk I will discuss my own involvement in research in the Nemea Valley in the Corinthia of modern Greece since 1974 and, using selected examples from the prehistoric, classical, Byzantine, and early modern periods, show how a regional perspective offers an insightful understanding of the dynamics of long term human occupation of the interior of the Corinthia.

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