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How do I know if archaeology is for me?

I am a junior in high school. I am doing a reseach project on  what I want  to be when I grow up and I am thinking about archaeology. I want to know what do archaeologist do, how  they live in their jobs, do they have adventures like in the movie "Indiana Jones." Or is it more serious and just digging under the sun and finding artifacs of people who lived 1,000 years before us. Is there any adventure do you get to visit different places, meet new peopl. Is it easy to get highered by companies or people to go to a site in a country and stury the thigns you found and get to have fun. It would be really nice if I get descriptions about what made you decide to become an archaeologist, how was the education was it fun or out of the books and boring, once you graduated for your study was it easy for you to get a job in a site and go strait to finding new stuff, and is it easy or hard, what requirements do you need. Thank you so much.

Priscila o.

my email is

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