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Why is this site not explored?

To whom it may concern,

First, my name is Devon, and I hope you can help me answer a question that is bothering me presently.  As you know, recently the earthquakes that occured just off the coast of Japan caused the tsunami.  Well, as an interested party, I was looking over the topography of the Pacific plate, when I stumbled over something that has been keeping me up at night.  The specific area is that of 45N and 160w, and the reason I went to check that area, was due to my own leap of logic that this would potentially be an upcoming danger area for eruptions or plumes. 

Now...what I saw there shook me.  From a distance of approximately 498miles in height I see this very distinct, very obviously created landscape.  I took from past underwater cities, and see similar though more eroded paths, in particular those in the area of 9s 43e. These in general are best viewed at approximately 643 miles in height.  I used Google earth, as well as topography going back to 2000.  And, in further I found an M.I.T study, partially funded by NASA, sent to the same area, as well as found it has a generally higher wave pool centering above it.  I can give you the link to the actual study by Charlotte if you see fit to look into this further. 

Next I tried to find the obvious, Glacier formation or erosion due to, and nothing is potentially viable under examination. This is no small area either, and rather large in scope and seemingly interconnected with other areas.  It was made, but as yet goes unexplored... While its far more prevalent in structure than anything else I can find thus far on the earth's surface.  It looks very laid out like a city, and a very very acutely made one at that. The angles, the unbelievable perfect measurments..  Im astounded there is nothing said of this area. It's far more noticeable, with topography, than even those of the nazca lines. 

So, I come to you, hopefully for answers, and better sleep *smile*

Thanks in advance for any of your time, and please, contact me if you can help


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