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Archaeology v. Archaeological Conservation

Despite constant research, endless lists, and email exchanges with current grad students, I've yet to decide which area of study would be best. I've got a BA in Anthropology and an MLitt in Museum and Gallery Studies; my passion is in preserving the archaeological integrity of material culture and the sites yielding it. I'll travel anywhere to get the training required to perform at the highest level.

I'd love most of all to work in the field as well as the lab, and avoid teaching if possible (taught for several years and didn't care for it). There isn't one specific geographical area that thrills me; I'm very open. Yet after taking into account the length and cost of programs, job prospects, faculty research interests, and type of degree offered, I'm still a bit lost.

Forgive me for not having a more specific question, but I've not had much guidance to this point. Is there any advice you can give that might help refine my focus? Is there anything I haven't considered?

Thank you so much for offering your help on this wonderful site.

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