Exploring the Aegean: Istanbul to Athens

Dates: Sunday, September 13, 2015 to Monday, September 28, 2015 (16 days)
Tour Leader: James Higginbotham

Lindos, Rhodes, Greece. Image by R. Todd Nielsen

The Greek Isles and western coast of Turkey boast glorious archaeological sites and dramatic landscapes. Spend two nights in Istanbul, admiring her Byzantine and Ottoman architectural wonders, before embarking Aegean Odyssey. Gaze out over the legendary plain and complex ruins of Troy; admire the vast ancient Greco-Roman sites of Ephesus or Pergamon; explore the beautiful islands of Delos, Mykonos, Kos, and Rhodes; wander the partially-reconstructed Minoan palace at Knossos on Crete, and Santorini’s well-preserved Bronze Age site of Akrotiri; and wrap up your Aegean adventure with two hotel nights in Athens.

Pricing starting at $6,295 Per Person Double Occupancy
Single cabin pricing starting at $7,550

**NOTE** There are two trips featured in the 2015 Voyages aboard the Aegean Odyssey brochure.

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Sunday & Monday, September 13 & 14, 2015 - Home | Istanbul, Turkey
Tuesday, September 15 - Istanbul
Wednesday, September 16 - Istanbul | Embarkation
Thursday, September 17 - Çanakkale | Troy or Gallipoli | Çanakkale
Friday, September 18 - Izmir | Ephesus or Pergamon | Izmir
Saturday, September 19 - Izmir
Sunday, September 20 - Fethiye | Patara | Xanthos | Letoön | Fethiye
Monday, September 21 - Rhodes, Greece
Tuesday, September 22 - Kos
Wednesday, September 23 - Rethymnon, Crete | Knossos | Rethymnon
Thursday, September 24 - Santorini
Friday, September 25 - Delos | Mykonos
Saturday, September 26 - Disembarkation | Athens
Sunday, September 27 - Athens
Monday, September 28 - Athens | Home

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