Archaeological Sites on the Big Screen: Scavenger Hunt 2012 Puzzle #2

Archaeological sites often appear in movies. Here are 10 sites from 10 fairly popular movies. For each image, name the site, the country in which it is located, and the name of the movie in which it appears.

Image 1

1. Seen in a popular science fiction movie series
2. Father-son issues force limb-severing confrontations.

Image 2

1. This building appears in the final scenes of the movie.
2. The actor who played the fedora-wearing, whip-wielding star of this movie also appeared in the movie featured in Image 1.

Image 3

1. Father-son issues (again!) at the start of this Ridley Scott directed movie led to to a final showdown in this building.
2. The brother of one of this movie’s stars appears briefly in the movie associated with Image 2.

Image 4

1. A forbidden romance ended by accident?
2. The orchestra played on, or so they say!

Image 5

1. Famous comic actor destroys this site by backing his car into it
2. A movie from the 1980s—does not feature a restful break

Image 6

1. Robots transform this site into a battleground, far cry from its original purpose
2. Star of this movie worked with the star of movies in Images 1 and 2 in the series connected to Image 2

Image 7

1. This famous army comes to life in the movie—third in a series.
2. Mother issues?

Image 8

1. Road-trip, buddy movie
2. Start of a revolution

Image 9

1. Legendary king, charged with defending the empire at this linear feature that was named for a Roman emperor
2. Bend it like a Woad?

Image 10

1. From popular video game to big-screen action-adventure
2. The building is part of a larger archaeological site

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