Name that Archaeologist: Scavenger Hunt 2012 Puzzle #3
Using the photo and clue provided, identify the archaeologists pictured.
Archaeologist 1

This businessman turned amateur archaeologist used Homer’s epic poems as historical documents and went in search of the sites mentioned therein but his “greatest” find was controversial and did not include a giant wooden horse.

Archaeologist 2

Although never an archaeologist, this explorer and academic made some lofty archaeological discoveries and later became US State Senator from a Northeastern state.

Archaeologist 3

He introduced scientific methodology to excavations in a land that is considered to be the “gift” of a river, developed a method of using pottery to date sites, and trained a whole generation of archaeologists that worked in this riverine country.

Archaeologist 4

This archaeologist and (later) TV personality changed the way archaeologists excavated by introducing a technique he developed with the archaeologist portrayed in Image 6.

Archaeologist 5

This archaeologist braved jungle environments that adversely affected his health to search for sites and inscriptions on behalf of the Carnegie Institution.

Archaeologist 6

Although she started her archaeological career as a photographer at a famous African site, she soon went on to great fame as an archaeologist in her own right, often working on Neolithic sites, and is associated with this famous biblical site that may or may not have had walls.

Archaeologist 7

This former student of Li Ji, modernized archaeological practice in a large eastern country, translated numerous works from the local language to English, and ended his career as a professor at Harvard University.

Archaeologist 8

This famous British archaeologist who worked in the land between two rivers and is well known for a royal discovery in a city said to be the birthplace of a biblical patriarch counted Lawrence of Arabia as a friend.

Archaeologist 9

Archaeologist, writer, and politician, this woman had great influence on both the politics and archaeology of her chosen region. She established a national museum. Her life may be featured in a Ridley Scott movie.

Archaeologist 10

Archaeologist associated mainly with a monumental-head building culture and the person who made a key discovery that shook up the cultural chronology of the area in which he worked.

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