Rock Art, Cave Art and More!: Scavenger Hunt 2012 Puzzle #4
Using the photo and clues provided, identify the location of the art pictured.
Image 1 (Asia)

Found in a human-made cave that was part of a group of about 30
The caves were used as a monastery

Image 2 (Oceania)

Possibly the oldest rock art ever discovered (40,000-60,000 years old)
X-ray figures?

Image 3 (Europe)

The first cave art discovered in Europe
The main images are that of bison

Image 4 (North America)

By a great lake
One of the most visited native sites in the country where it is located

Image 5 (Europe)

Some of the earliest known cave paintings in Europe
Subject of a Herzog movie

Image 6 (Africa)

Largest collection of rock art south of the Sahara
“Barrier of Spears”

Image 7 (South America)

Found in a desert
Made by removing stones to expose the lighter soil underneath

Image 8 (Central America)

“Stone House” discovered in 1979
Includes images of ritual bloodletting

Image 9 (North America)

Over 24,000 pictographs created both by Native Americans and early Spanish settlers
A National Park

Image 10 (Europe)

Bronze Age image
Created by cutting trenches and filling it with crushed white material

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