Name That Site: Scavenger Hunt 2012 Puzzle #5

Complete the puzzles to reveal the names of major archaeological sites.

Game 1

Fill in the answers to the clues in the grid provided below. Once complete read down the first column to get the name of the first site.

1. Ancient South American culture (4)
2. High point or citadel of an ancient Greek city (9)
3. A stone age (9)
4. Archaeology is not just terrestrial, it can also be here (10)
5. This “pattern” deals with the distribution of humans over a landscape (10)
6. A word to describe the making of stone tools (8)
7. Archaeologists take part in a dig or ________________________________ (10)
8. Not far from Stonehenge, this other famous circular feature was not made of stone (9)
9. Maya goddess of the moon (6)
10. Two word term referring to the Americas (3,5)

Game 2

Identify this site

1. Thought to have been created by the Fort Ancient culture
2. Longest representation of this creature in the world
3. First excavated by a Harvard archaeologist

Game 3

The letters below are the jumbled name of a famous cave art site in the United States. The name has two words of seven letters each. We have included some clues below to help.

M  N  A  T  S  E  H  D  C  P  H  A  U  I


1. Sandstone cave
2. Western United States
3. Cosmological images made by a local Native American group
4. Some European graffiti
5. On the National Register of Historical Places

Please enter answer below:

Game 4

Using the clues fill in the blanks to get the name of a historical site.

1. First and last letters of Pakal’s kingdom

2. First and last letters of the “land between two rivers”

3. First and last letters of the Inca recording system using knots

4. First and last letters of Homer’s epic poem (not the voyage one)



Write the letters in order from first to last


Please enter the answer below:

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