Archaeology Acrostic: Scavenger Hunt 2011 Puzzle #1

Fill the grid with the answers to the clues provided below. Start in the square on the top left and fill in the answers moving clockwise in a spiral around the grid. Answers start and end in shaded squares. The last letter of each answer begins the next answer. Once the grid is complete, enter the letters in the shaded squares in the blanks below (or check the box to autofill). The letters will provide a clue to today's solution. Provide the site and the country in which it is located.

1. ___________________ Raraku quarry, Easter Island
2. Ceramic jars in Spanish speaking countries
3. Subdivision of an excavation grid
4. Person who studies ancient inscriptions
5. Capital of famous ancient empire and popular HBO series
6. Country where Silbury Hill is located
7. A type of column
8. Large statues
9. Arctic group
10. Legendary city and focus of a famous war

Use the form below to work the puzzle, or download the printable version.


Fill in answers above and click this box to get your clue.

(clear all boxes)


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