Part I: What Does Council Do?

Council: An Overview

Council is the AIA's largest governing body. It meets once a year at the Institute's Annual Meeting to review the affairs of the Institute, elect new Trustees and Officers, and vote on policy or procedural changes. 

Council Membership

The membership of Council is outlined in Article V, Section 1 of the AIA Regulations. The following categories are all incorporated into Council Membership: 

  • President
  • Honorary Presidents
  • Vice Presidents
  • Treasurer
  • Secretary of the Institute (Executive Director)
  • Editor-in-Chief of the AJA
  • Editor-in-Chief of ARCHAEOLOGY Magazine
  • Trustees
  • Legal Counsel
  • Chairmen of the Managing Committees of any American Schools founded by the AIA
  • Society Presidents
  • Society Representatives
  • Members-at-Large

The exact number of Society Representatives and Members-at-Large varies from year to year, because it is a reflection of the AIA's overall membership composition. Society Presidents are responsible for appointing representatives from their Local Societies as Delegates. The President is responsible for selecting the appropriate number of Members-at-Large to serve at Council.

Society Delegates based on Membership

Society Total Membership Number of Delegates
0-24 members 0
25-74 members 1
75-124 members 2
125-174 members 3
175-224 members 4
225-274 members 5
275-324 members 6
325-374 members 7
375-424 members 8


Council Meetings: A Forum for Discussion

Council meetings are restricted to Council members, although a silent viewing area may be available depending on space. All Council members must check in before the meeting to confirm they are appointed Delegates and to receive a ballot and any supplementary materials. AIA members interested in viewing Council proceedings can sign in to the viewing area. 

Voting is usually one of the first items on the Council agenda, so all Delegates should arrive prepared to vote once the meeting is called to order. Ballots will be collected and counted while other items of business are addressed, and the results will be announced before the end of the meeting. 

Once the new roster of Trustees and/or Officers is announced, retiring Board members are officially relieved of their duties. 

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