Part II: Society Presidents and Representatives

Instructions for Society Presidents

Each Society President is responsible for appointing, changing, or removing Delegates from their Local Society. The exact number of representatives is calculated based on the Institute's membership at the end of the previous fiscal year (ended June 30, 2015), as described in Part I

Follow this checklist to ensure your Society is properly represented at Council. 

1. Check your email from HQ to see how many delegates your Society can bring this year. If you have gained or lost representatives, this will be noted in your letter. 


2. Review the names of individuals who represented your Society at the 137th Annual Meeting in San Francisco, CA. You can reappoint these people or select new ones from your membership using one of the methods below. 


Submit your Local Society Representatives (Form A - Delegates to Council) online (recommended)




Fax: 617.353.6550


Postal Mail: Archaeological Institute of America

                         44 Beacon Street

                         Boston, MA 02108


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