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Subject: Celebrate International Archaeology Day!

Dear <NAME>,

International Archaeology Day (IAD) is a day for organizations around the world to raise awareness of archaeology and provide opportunities for the public to participate in archaeological activities. Above all, IAD is a celebration of archaeology and emphasizes the idea that archaeology is everywhere.

Your organization would be a great candidate to become an IAD Collaborating Organization.  Collaborating Organizations agree to hold events on or around the third Saturday in October and/or promote International Archaeology Day to their members and are listed on the International Archaeology Day website.

There are no limitations on the types of archaeology themed events that can be held in conjunction with IAD, though events that are open and advertised to the public are preferable. Popular events include: archaeology fairs, lab open houses, classroom visits, special tours of museums or sites, symposia, conferences or meetings, student presentations, and lectures.

You can find out more at:

I hope you will join the celebration!

DIg Deeper

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