ArchaeoMadness 2015

#ArchaeoMadness is here! See how different archaeological sites stack up against each other!


Daily Winners

Round of 32 (50 IAD stickers):
9/16  Francisco
9/17  Estrella G.
9/18 Whitney L.
9/21 Mitch H.
9/22 Ernesto Z.
9/23 Virginie L.
9/24 Anya G.
9/25 Dan D.

Sweet 16 (Fun Archaeology Buttons)
9/28 Katie L.
9/29 Rachel V.
9/30 Charlie B.
10/1 Sariah R.
10/2 Juliette H.
10/5 Tiffany L.
10/6 Marc-Andre D.
10/7 Anna G.

Elite 8 (ARCHAEOLOGY subscription)
10/8 Cake T.
10/9 Chrstine M.


1st (72 pts): John W.
2nd (71 pts): Jessica M.
3rd (68 pts): Ashley W.
4th  (66 pts): Paul
4th  (66 pts): Mark C.
4th  (66 pts): David R.
4th  (66 pts): Dayana L.
8th  (64pts): 4-way tie: Christine R., Linda S., Hannah D., Saskia L.

League Scores

Etruscan Raiders FPAN United Grandiose Guanoers
1st (63pts): Dan D. 1st (38pts): Nicole G. 1st (72pts): John W.
2nd (56pts): Joey W. 1st (38pts): Kevin G. 2nd (32pts): Marieka A.
3rd (52pts): Mark N. 3rd (37pts): Barbara C. 3rd (28pts): Dag G.
4th (32pts): Brandi B. 4th (22pts): Courtney C. 4th (27pts): Pedro C.
5th (31pts): Dani P. 5th (20pts): Sarah N. 4th (27pts): Erin R.
6th (22pts): Betsy B. 5th (20pts): Sarah M. 6th (26pts): Patrick W.
7th (20pts): André P. 7th (18pts): Emily J. 7th (25pts): Estrella G.
8th (19pts): Krishni B. 8th (17pts): Mike T. 8th (20pts): Shayna H.
9th (16pts): Jennifer M. 9th (15pts): Rachel K. 9th (17pts): Nick B.
10th (15pts): Katie L.    


TAPHOS Univ. of Colorado Univ. of Illinois-Chicago
1st (57pts): Heather G. 1st (63pts): Amanda A. 1st (66pts): Dayana L.
2nd (44pts): David W. 2nd (60pts): Anna S. 2nd (57pts): Mitch H.
3rd (40pts): Lynne K. 2nd (53pts): Alec H. 3rd (40pts): Kendall
4th (38pts): Kim S. 4th (44pts): Payson S. 4th (39pts): Jack L.
5th (35pts): Stephanie K. 5th (42pts): Julie G.Erin B. 5th (37pts): Erin R.
6th (24pts): Jacqueline M. 6th (40pts): Erin B. 6th (35pts): Chenxi W.
7th (19pts): Kaelin 7th (33pts): Erin H. 7th (34pts): Shalom B.
8th (11pts): Gypsy P. 8th (31pts): Jordan H. 7th (34pts): Eric M.
  9th (30pts): Lindsay J. 9th (31pts): Ricky C.
  10th (28pts): 
Rachel E., Rachel F.
10th (30pts): Jeff K.

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* Points will be assigned as followed: 1 point for each correct pick in the Round of 32, 2 points for each correct pick in Sweet Sixteen, 4 points for each correct pick in Elite Eight, 8 points for each correct pick in Final Four, and 16 points for a correct pick in the Championship.  In the event of more than one highest scoring bracket, a random draw will be conducted.

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