Colchester vs. Cádiz


Pliny the Elder mentioned Colchester (Camulodunum) in his Natural History in 77AD, giving rise to the municipality’s claim to be the oldest recorded town in Britain. Colchester originated as a Celtic capital, dating back at least to the 1st century BC. Colchester was briefly the capital of Roman Britain and, in addition to being home of two of Britain’s, five Roman theaters, the town contains the remains of an 11th century castle constructed under orders from William the Conqueror. Will Colchester get the respect it deserves in ArchaeoMadness?


The Phoenicians founded this early trading port on the southern Iberian Peninsula on a small promontory next to the Atlantic Ocean in 1100 BC. Hannibal used Cádiz as his base in his original campaign over the Alps against Rome. Cádiz later became the home of the Spanish Treasure Fleet, making the port a major target for Spain’s enemies. With such a rich naval history, can Cádiz sink the competition?

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