International Archaeology Day Follow Up Form
Brief report on events, for IAD blog.
If you would like your event to be featured on the IAD blog, please submit a minimum of 3 sentences, at least one image, and adhere to the following formatting rules: The first sentence of the blog article should include the name of your organization and “International Archaeology Day.” Examples: The AIA-Gainesville Society will be doing some community outreach on International Archaeology Day by staffing a table at a popular local library with information on how library patrons can get involved with the AIA and learn more about archaeology!  The Denver and Boulder Chapters of the Archaeological Institute of America cosponsored an event that was hosted by Paleoresearch Institute Inc. for International Archaeology Day. For International Archaeology Day 2015, Florida Public Archaeology Network staff around the state participated in a wide array of activities.  Please be sure to attach photos or at the very least, your organization's logo!
Please upload images of your event.
Additional photos may be emailed to
Thank you for participating in International Archaeology Day!

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