Great Zimbabwe vs. Kerma

Great Zimbabwe

The legendary home to the Queen of Sheba, this significant Banu/Shona trading center from the Middle Ages was the capital of a state that was rich in gold. Archaeology within and around the granite walls reveals the site's prominence in the emerging global trading scene. Great Zimbabwe may have an advantage in this game. With a name that starts with “great” will you be inclined to vote for it?


Settlement at Kerma, along the Nile in northern Sudan, began at least 5,000 years ago. Once the capital of the Kerma Kingdom, it reached its apogee between 2500 and 1500 BC and was later absorbed into the New Kingdom of Egypt and, subsequently, the Kingdom of Kush. Known for its Deffufas, a massive tomb structure, Kerma caught the eye of archaeologists early on and was excavated by American George Reisner starting in 1913. Will the Nile smile upon this former capital during ArchaeoMadness?

Great Zimbabwe
44 votes
26 votes
Total votes: 70

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