Name That Archaeologist: Scavenger Hunt 2013 Puzzle #1
Using the photo and clue provided, identify the archaeologists pictured.

Part of a famous husband and wife team, this female archaeologist made great strides in uncovering early human ancestors.

In 1902, this Aegean archaeologist became the first woman to lecture for the AIA.

One of the AIA’s highest honors is named for this archaeologist who worked in the American Southwest.

Mesopotamian archaeologist trained by Leonard Woolley. His wife’s fame eclipsed his.

Archaeologist and artist, she was a key player in the decipherment of Maya glyphs.

Considered to be one of the most influential underwater archaeologists, he was the first to excavate an entire ancient shipwreck.

This major figure in New World archaeology was instrumental to our understanding of how human settlements are spread across the landscape.

Army officer and archaeologist, he revolutionized archaeology by insisting that all excavated artifacts should be collected and cataloged and not just those judged to be significant or aesthetically attractive.

Famous for uncovering an ancient island-civilization, he was the first archaeologist to be knighted by King George V.

This famous historical archaeologist’s grave marker features the gravestone motifs that he studied.

This Australian archaeologist’s “revolutionary” ideas brought greater attention to European and Near Eastern prehistory.

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