Word Pyramid: Scavenger Hunt 2013 Puzzle #8

Use the clues to fill in the blanks. The last letter of each answer will spell out a common archaeological activity.

__-Group: a group of buildings in a Maya site that were used for tracking the relative movement of the sun
stone, hand-held wood working tool that may have been used to cut down trees
Queen of Yaxchilan and the Mayan word for shark
Ancient culture from Peru that used khipus
Desert region in southern Israel
Modern name for Akhenaten’s capital
Excavation unit used in initial investigation of a site (two words)
Turkish archaeological site that contains the ruins of Samal
Site in England that has several burial mounds including one that contains a ship (two words)
Stone tool industry commonly associated with Neanderthals


Place the last letter of each answer in the spaces provided below to spell a common archaeological activity.

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