Knossos vs. Troy


Found on the island of Crete, Knossos is one of Europe’s oldest cities. Within the city is the regal palace that served as the ceremonial and political center of the Minoan culture. The palace is beautifully adorned with indoor and outdoor murals and decorative motifs. We know it has stood the test of time, but will Knossos unleash the mighty minotaur to destroy its competition in ArchaeoMadness?


Fabled Troy—home to warriors and kings, site of bloody battles, and the inspiration for poets and artists—is one of the most famous archaeological sites in the world and is visited by over 200,000 tourists each year. At least nine different cities rose and fell at this site in Turkey and excavations have been ongoing since the 1870s. Will this legendary site stand fast against its challengers in ArchaeoMadness?

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