Mesa Verde vs. Teotihuacan

Mesa Verde

Mesa Verde is the best preserved Ancestral Puebloan archaeological site in the United States. Located on the Mesa Verde plateau in south-west Colorado, this collection of Pueblo Indian dwellings was built between the 6th and 12th century. Over 600 cliff dwellings, made of sandstone, have been recorded within Mesa Verde. How will Mesa Verde stack up against the competition?


Urban, multiethnic, Teotihuacan was a social and economic powerhouse in the Basin of Mexico. Centuries after its fall, the Aztec named it the “place of the gods.” At its height, Teotihuacan was the sixth largest city in the world and its influence extended across Mesoamerica. The site's mix of residences, palaces, workshops, and temples is organized in a grid-pattern dominated by a broad central street called the “Avenue of the Dead.” Will this Mesoamerican marvel achieve divine status in ArchaeoMadness?

Mesa Verde
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34 votes
Total votes: 78

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