Mohenjo-daro vs. Merv


This massive mud-brick city in the Indus River Valley is the earliest example of urbanization in South Asia. The city flourished for 800 years but today is threatened by the Indus River's rising water table. Will modern urbanites help this ancient city gain new accolades through an ArchaeoMadness victory?


An ancient oasis-city along the Silk Road located in modern Turkmenistan, Merv supported populations as far back as the 3rd millennium BC. In the third century AD, Merv was a place of religious tolerance—home to Zoroastrians, Buddhists, Manichaeans, Jews, and Christians. Merv was sacked in 1221 by the son of Genghis Khan, but shortly before the Mongol invasion, Merv was flourishing and may have briefly been the most populous city in the world. Will success in ArchaeoMadness restore its former glory?

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