Newgrange vs. Copan

Newgrange: Older than Stonehenge and the Egyptian pyramids, Newgrange was carefully crafted by Neolithic farmers in about 3200 BC and showcases their expertise in engineering, astronomy, geometry, and more. The structure’s retaining wall was built using littoral blocks that were transported over 20km and weighed a combined total of 220,000 tons. As Ireland’s best known passage tomb, Newgrange hosts droves of tourists each year. Will age and beauty be enough to put this site on top?

Copán: One of the southernmost Maya civic centers, Copán is nestled in the Honduran jungle near the Guatemalan border. Known for its incredible hieroglyphic staircase and the monumental Altar Q with its portrayal of 16 of the site’s rulers, Copán reached its peak in the 8th century AD. Will the kings on Altar Q lead Copán to a 21st century ArchaeoMadness victory?

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