Persepolis vs. Bam


This ceremonial capital of the Achaemenid Empire dates back to the sixth century BC and was founded by Darius the Great. The site is best known for its splendid palace complex which was looted in 330 BC by Alexander the Great. Will ArchaeoMadness give this ancient city a chance to shine once more?


The citadel at Bam, Arg é-Bam, was once the largest adobe building in the world. In its heyday, Bam produced silk and cotton garments and, with Central Asia to the east, the Persian Gulf to the south, and Egypt to the west, was an important trading center and crossroads. Damaged by a 2003 earthquake, work is underway to restore Bam to its former glory. Will Bam shake up the competition in ArchaeoMadness this year?

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