Samarkand vs. Te Wairoa


Located in modern Uzbekistan, Samarkand with its diverse history and architecture played an important role in Central Asian trade for over a thousand years. Once part of Achaemenid Persia, Samarkand was conquered by Alexander the Great in 329 BC and later fell to conquests by the Arabs and the Mongols. Will Samarkand in turn conquer the hearts and minds of ArchaeoMadness players?

Te Wairoa

Also known as the Buried Village, this Māori and European settlement on New Zealand's North Island was covered in rock, ash, and mud spewing from a volcanic eruption in 1886. The most visited archaeological site in New Zealand, Te Wairoa has been excavated since the 1930s and showcases the 19th century fusion of two cultures in the South Pacific. Will Te Wairoa rise from the ashes to claim victory in ArchaeoMadness?

53 votes
Te Wairoa
24 votes
Total votes: 77

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