Sterkfontein vs. Caracol

Sterkfontein: Located in South Africa, Sterkfontein is critical to our understanding of human evolution. The remains of over 500 hominids, including fossils of at least two Australopithecine species and a Homo species, have been uncovered at the cave site. Famous finds include Mrs. Ples—the almost complete skull of an adult female A. africanus—and Little Foot—a near complete Australopithecine skeleton. Will these ancient hominids help Sterkfontein evolve from contender to champion?

Caracol: The largest Maya site in Belize, Caracol was bigger than modern day Belize City—the largest city in the country—and supported over 144,000 people. An extensive agricultural system supported this spectacular kingdom. Caracol's monumental architecture includes Canaa—the largest building at Caracol and one of the largest man-made structures in Belize. Caracol was also a military power scoring major victories over Tikal and Naranjo. Will Caracol be able to overpower its competition in ArchaeoMadness?

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