Tuzigoot National Monument vs. Fort Vancouver National Historic SiteTuzigoot National Monument

On a hilltop in Arizona’s Verde Valley between Phoenix and Flagstaff, you will find Tuzigoot National Monument, the ruins include a three story pueblo and 110 rooms.  The pueblo was built and inhabited by the Sinagua people between 1000 and 1400 AD.  On the site, you can also see petroglyphs as well as the remains of pithouses.

Archaeological Fun Fact: The first known excavations at Tuzigoot were conducted from 1933 by archaeologists from the University of Arizona with funding from the federal Civil Works Administration and Works Project Administration. 

Kids can become Junior Archeologists at Tuzigoot.

Park website: www.nps.gov/tuzi/

Fort Vancouver National Historic Site

Visitors to the park can see a reconstruction of the 1825 fur trading post Fort Vancouver, which was founded on the north bank of the Columbia River as the Northwest headquarters of the Hudson’s Bay Company. In 1849, when Americans began settling the area via the Oregon Trail, the U.S. established Vancouver Barracks near the fort—the first U.S. Army post in the Northwest. Pearson Field, at the Barracks, later became a popular practicing ground for early aviators.

Archaeological Fun Fact: Outside the walls of Fort Vancouver, working-class, non-British employees lived in a settlement known as the Village. Hailing from all over the New and Old Worlds its citizens included French Canadian, Scottish, Irish, Hawaiian, Iroquois, and people from over 30 different regional Native American groups. Ongoing archaeological research at the Village continues to uncover information about the daily lives of its diverse population.

Park website: www.nps.gov/fova/

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