Ur vs. Megiddo


If you happened to live in Southern Mesopotamia sometime between 3800 BCE and 450 BCE, Ur was THE place to be! As a resident of this important and prosperous port city, located close to where the Tigris and the Euphrates rivers empty into the Persian Gulf, you would have enjoyed wealth and comforts unseen in other Mesopotamian cities. Will Ur still be the city that wows in the ArchaeoMadness showdown?


An important and strategically located site, Megiddo connected Egypt and Assyria and influenced international commerce for over 6000 years. Twenty-six layers of archaeological remains attest to the fact that the site was settled, resettled, built, and rebuilt between 7000 BC and around 500 BC. Excavations at the site started in 1903 and continue to this day. Will this extraordinary site, once attacked by Thutmose the III of Egypt, defeat its rivals in ArchaeoMadness?

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