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Video Update from the AIA's John R. Coleman Fellow
August 11, 2015 | by Emily Maskas

The AIA's John R. Coleman Fellowship supports scholars traveling and studying in Italy, the western Mediterranean, or North Africa. Our inaugural recipient, Andrew Dufton, is currently a Ph.D. candidate with the Joukowsky Institute for Archaeology and the Ancient World at Brown University. His time as a Coleman Fellow will be devoted to his project, (Re-)Constructing North Africa: urban process and social change in the Roman City. We are excited to share the following video with the AIA community, to introduce Andrew's exciting research.


Keep an eye out for future video updates from our Coleman Fellow! A huge thank you to Andrew and all supporters of the Coleman Fellowship. To learn more about the Fellowship and John R. Coleman, please click here. To contribute to the research efforts of promising archaeologists like Andrew Dufton, please visit our giving page.


Surely, archaeologists and other researchers should push for a greater voice in government to protect irreplaceable cultural sites and artefacts. But getting the government assignment expert hear you out is hard. Besides, if the local people don't care at all, all culturl sites will be ruined. Just, look at what happned to the site of Nimrud in Iraq. This site is also a cultural heritage of ISIS, but they themselves are destroying it - that's sad. It shows how limited those guys are.

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