AIA Committees

Media and Public Engagement Committee

Overseeing Officer: Elizabeth S. Greene, First Vice President

Chair: David Adam, (2020-2023) Term 1

Staff Liaison: Christine Dziuba,

The Committee aims to engage with the public to promote and further the popular understanding of the value of archaeology and the mission of the AIA. The Committee further aims to support the AIA in developing a public voice to convey the stories of the past to contemporary audiences through multiple media.


Deborah Arnold, (2019-2021) Term 1 *

Joshua Gates, (2019-2021) Term 1 *

James Jansson, (2019-2021) Term 1 *

Laetitia La Follette, ex officio

Justin Leidwanger, (2019-2021) Term 1 *

Jarrett Lobell, ex officio

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