Donald Haggis & Margaret Mook—2012 Best Practices in Site Preservation Award

Margaret Mook at the 2012 Awards Ceremony (Absent: Donald Haggis)

Award Citation:

The Archaeological Institute of America is pleased to present its 2012 Award for Best Practices in Site Preservation to Donald Haggis and Margaret Mook for their exemplary work at Azoria, Crete.

Haggis and Mook’s trailblazing efforts on Crete confirm that site preservation and excavation should go hand in hand. From the early stages of excavation, Haggis and Mook enlisted the services of local specialists to stabilize and conserve the architecture being exposed in the excavation. Their conservation program at Azoria was the first formally reviewed study of the methods, materials, and techniques needed to implement sustainable preservation at an excavated site. Along with effecting the immediate stabilization of the exposed remains, Haggis and Mook prepared the site to withstand the pressures of year-round visitation.

Just as impressive as Haggis and Mook’s conservation endeavors are their tireless efforts to publish their research and share their findings with local communities. By implementing sustainable, long-term site preservation practices, educating the public, and working to create an eco-archaeological tourist site, Haggis and Mook have demonstrated a strong commitment both to best practices in site preservation and to the local community. The Archaeological Institute of America hopes their colleagues will strive to emulate this dedication.

Donald Haggis is a professor of classical archaeology at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and director of the Azoria Project. Margaret Mook is an associate professor of classical studies at Iowa State University and is the field director and pottery specialist at the Azoria Project.

On behalf of the Archaeological Institute of America, it is an honor to present the 2012 Award for Best Practices in Site Preservation to Donald Haggis and Margaret Mook.

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