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Soooo..... I was throwing rocks in a lake when i picked up a large rock. I inspected it before I threw it but i didnt. I saw in the rock was somthing what looked like a seashell/ old bolt embedded into the rock. I chipped the rock away as best I could. Need help identifiing! Pleeeeeeeaaaaassssseeeee!!!!!! (Im 11)  


Thanks!                                                                            Drew M. Buckman

I learned that there are more tigers in Texas then they are tigers in the wild. I also know that pigons were intruduced by Europeans. How many of these speices were introduced? What record of these introduced animals where found? Thanks!

I found a number of really interesting fossils walking along the Baltic Sea in Visby, Sweden, last week, including a sea urchin, several teeth of various sizes and what I believe is a fossilized egg (among others). I am curious, if there is any place I can take my fossils for identification and aging?

Hi; I came across 2 large rocks (about 300 lbs) that are fossilized sea floor. They are full of fossilized little creatures. 1 of these has a 9 inch long by about 1/2 inch wide rusty iron something. It is curvey like a mild S. It is part of the fossilized rock or seafloor and not put into the rock in modern times. These rocks I obtained when working at a quarry near Dekalb, Illinois. They were mining limestone, they had removed about 20 to 25 foot of overburden clay off, to get to rock and I found these and loaded them into my truck not noticing the iron until unloading them at home. If I hadn't saved them they would have been sent to a crusher. I can send pictures. I was wondering if this iron is part of a meteor that settled to the ocean floor ? Thank You

So I have a large quartz rock and I want to know if their could possibly be gold in it and if theirs is how much it is worth is it worth more left as is or would it be better if I refined it

What type of stone did Taino Indians use to carve stone axes, ceremonial knives and tools?


thanks in advance  

I think I have an original unpublished photo of Amelia Earhart July 2 1937 ( without the plane).

​​i have an old wooden Hindu diety statue looking to identify along with two black stone amulets possibly Samarian that I want to identify as well. Any help would be appreciated

I found what i thought was a rock but after cleaning it i do believe it is a petrified baby indian mockisin with beads. Really need help finding who i can have look at it.

Tuesday I was fishing in ST. Vrain creek in Golden Ponds Park in Colorado just north of Denver. 

In an eroded wash of the creek, I found a decorative clay shard. It is approximately 3/4” thick.  

I was wondering if you may know more information on this piece? I can pics of the piece to any cell phone. 


I found it in an old storage locker that belonged to a collector and I am having no luck identifying it. Thanks.

Out metal detecting and found a picture of people standing in front of an old building on about a 2” by 2” piece of thin metal. On the back there is small nails or broken off nails and remnants of glue like the picture was invalid in something. The metal itself is oddly cut on the bottom as well. What could this be?

Dear sir,

Please I need help in knowing the history of a wooden religious artifact been in the family for some time, I need someone to communicate with me inorder to send a picture and breif me about its origin.




what does a rock with a cross with circles on four sides mean? some people tell me it is property markers,but it does not look like the marker they tell me it looks like. please let me know asap. thanks,greg smith 05/12/2019.

I purchased a set of 6 gold leaf objects and after sitting down and researching my items I am certain they have symbols of the Egyptian alphabet and dates are also on them. Objects appear to be gold and and after cleaning a little are very beautiful. They consist of 4 leaf feet and 2 leaf handles.They are covered faces and animals all over.

My name is Shane  Aubuchon I love to go rock hounding and I found a lovely piece but I can't figure what it is. It looks like aquamarine. But it has rings like a tree. I don't know if it's tourmaline or the beryl var. Aquamarine. Or is it something else I can send a picture.

Ihavve perfectly round stone with groove through the middle of it and the stone is about 2 inches thick

Sounds like you may have a tomahawk . If so very cool!!

My boyfriend and his uncle found a rock with a face carved out of it and we was told by a professor  that is an ancient artifact dating back  17 BC its not the only one that has been found we want to have it authenticated i have everything that the professor sent us on the rock 

I have questions about the 6 Indian artifacts that I have. I don't know much about them, please help!

We found a round stone about 4 inches in diameter in the creek by our home in Union Mo after light flooding.  It has a line carved or formed around it, about 1/8 inch thick all the way around, maybe from rope?  From internet searches we have done it looks like maybe a gaming stone, but we cannot find pictures with the line around like this has.  Also it looks like the bottom was broken or taken off, so pretty flat on one side.  We habe no idea and were looking for answers. 

could you post the process(es) used to authenticate American Indian petroglyphs. I am thinking about any that are found in Utah.


Good day. I am writing a book and a character finds an ancient key made of brass. My character brings it to an archaeology department to have it dated. Could you tell me what test they would perform to get the date of the key? I've done research online and so far have found "Thermoluminescence" and "Voltammetry of microparticles" as possible techniques. Are those correct?

Thank you for your time.

I am looking for collectors, that might be interested in buying. I have documentation from Smithionian mueseum,  Maryland Historical Society.


Hello I have found 4 pieces of a rock that when out together form 

kind of a bowl shape it all had a strange yellow very fine powder like substance in it

i can send pics it's about the size of a small melon and had what looks like something gnalmost like a tiny bone in it .... Ive no idea could just be a plain rock 

Hey! We have some carvings in a beech tree in the woods at our house in Georgia and would love to send some pictures of them somehow to see if it is anything. 

I live in Missouri and found several pieces of obsidian at a near lake, I new exactly what it was for I had seen it before, although never finding it here in Missouri, I didn't think it possible for there is no volcanic activity here. I pryed a few pieces off and took them home to further examine it, and have no doubt in my mind that's what it is I don't know who to go to to report my findings. 

I live at a place called Salmon Beach. The Narrows waterway is my front yard. About 15 years ago a friend of mine where looking for glass on the beach and we found a old looking sculpture. 

The arms are missing but hands are attached in the back of this sculpture. I’m not sure what this sculpture is made of, it doesn’t look like clay to me.  Could I possibly send some photos to you. I just want to know what tribe he is from and how old he is. 

Thank you for your time.  I live in Tacoma Wa. Our houses are right down from Fort Nisqually. 

Hi we have an indian camp at our place and I found a piece of turquoise.


How do I know how old it is and where it came from? We also have arrowheads found near it as well. Thx for any help. 

I found a large rock I cleaned it up it's sand stone with crystals in it. It's same color as the sand stone were jelly fish have been found. This rock got life all in it got jellyfish it's round with a dot in the middle looks like an nipple. On some u can actually see the body's in it. U can see the tenicles. They about as big as a quarter. People laughed at me saying it's impossible to have preserved it. But I am telling u it's there. It's not a imprint the sand stone is coming off and there is body like thing back there. If someone would just give it a look they would see

Dear Sir,

 I have found a stone that appears to have been formed. There are 2 distinct grooves and a couple of rounded out pockets . The stone is pretty dense and heavy for its size. I would estimate that it is 7-8" in length, 3-4" in height, by 2"wide.

  I have pictures from several different angles and would be happy to share them with you. To help you, I live in the upper, middle part of Indiana, about mid way between South Bend and Fort Wayne. To be precise, the small town of Pierceton. Our home was built in the middle 1800's.

Should you like to have pictures please let me know and I will send them to you asap  

Thank you, Jim Montague 

I think it was made by Indians


A student of mine recently found a shiny, black rock in her backyard.  We live in Illinois.  Any suggestions of what it might be?

a very wealthy oil man caught his wife with someone in his temper he gave me all kinds of aritfacts from his home, one of the object he gave me thirty years ago was a mask it might not be anything but i would like to know more about it please and thank you for your time


hello! We have found what looks to be a Native American gridding stone at our creek bed.  I was wondering where we could get it evaluated or if it should be donated to a museum? 

The stone has been made flat on the bottom to sit flat like a Bowl and flattened at the top around the opening.  It could be held in the palm of your hand.

Hi, I recently found a couple of interesting rocks down by my local river( a block away from the norton mound group in Grand Rapids) they could be absolutely nothing but they’re to shiny and seem to be “worked” Somewhat. If nothing I’m still interested in finding what the rocks are made of anyway. Any help would be AWESOME! 

I found a rock that looks like an indian scraper with flower pedals painted on the front.  I am hoping you can tell me more about it or where I can go to have it evaluated.  I how can I send you pictures.



My wife purchased a home quite some time ago, and in the walls of the house she found an old large piece of paper. Upon inspecting, we realized it was a copy of the Declaration of Independence. I just need to be guided in the right direction to get it looked at.


thank you for your time, Jessica 

Hello I have found a fossil and have no idea what I have found have just got into collecting rocks and I thought this was a rock or mineral well was fooled when cleaning it has several different things in it would love to know more about this if you can help would greatly appreciate it.

I have found what I believe to be Effigy stones of carved owls and birds with faces along with about a hundred and fifty arrowheads an Old Cherokee Village site in South Carolina. About a 2-acre field I also think that I may have some bone. I can't get anyone it seems to take me serious when I have dozens of the same size same shape(but a few different styles) Rocks out of the same 2-acre field. And I'm sorry to say that sometimes my pictures do not do them Justice when I take them. I feel like I'm at a dead end and don't know what to do

Good afternoon,

The right thing to do would be to contact the nearest Cherokee tribal office and turn them in and please be aware that if you have any bone fragments they are someone's relatives and are subject to the Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act.

Hi. I live in North Carolina, and your findings sound very similar to mine. Nobody takes me seriously either, was thinking about asking someone at a University. Did you get any info or answers? Thanks.

Amy O

Howdy I just recently found some large petrified mushrooms. Was wondering if they are rare & would be of interest to anyone. I did see a couple on eBay that were small. Mine are large. As in 10"+. & probably weigh 10lb+. Please let me know. If you have any advice. I have pictures. 

Thank you


Shawn Godfrey


I found a crystal clear arrow Head in the middle of the sluu in the city I live in I'm wanting to identify and authenticate how may I go about that?

Hello! I was recently checking out a small site in Prescott, AZ, when I noticed several odd, squarish indentations in the surrounding granite formations. These ranged from about 4-10 inches wide, and roughly 3-6 inches deep. (They remind me a bit of footholds?) Would you have any ideas what these might be? Or are they likely a natural occurrence? 

Thank you for any information, 


I was digging in a clay wall in northern California oroville city,about 5 feet in the side of a clay wall on the side of the feather river I was paning and I came on to a big rock looked like aqua marine but I noticed it had bubbles in in so I knew it was glass I think its desert metar glass am I right

To whom it may concern ,I was going through some of my old books and came a cross leafs  petrified between pages. I don't know the language/origin of book nor type of leaf. But thought they may have some environmental significance to study differences in 175 year leaf til now?

I was doing some field work on a treasure hunt I was on for a Jesse James and brothers tresure left but my solve led me to a place and sitting on this block of stone was this stone just sitting on top all by itself I spotted it cause it was shining the stone was worked like an arrow Head and looks like a capital j with an upside down heart with the work love or cony on it check it out let me know

i was wondering if you could help me identify a rock I found in southwest Iowa while rock

hunting, and also if it is worth anything?


I found a rock the my metal detector picked up as metal so I kept it. Upon inspection I noticed various tiny letters on the object as well as a few faint images that I cant quite make out. Maybe my eyes are tricking me, but I thought it was strange that it registered as metal. Anyway, there also appears to be a date with looks like 1775 or 1745 but not sure. I thought it was just a rock but why would it register as metal.

I found these stones while helping my aunt clean up her deceased dad's storage shed that she wanted to throw away. I thought they looked interesting so I asked if I could habe them and she said "yes". I decided to try and look them up and found very little. I think they are native American weapons and/or tools. I'm really not sure. Can y'all please help me? If course I can send pictures.

The name of the ridge where much of the archeological digs have taken place is

I have several fossils that were passed down to me from my mother. I believe she found them when living in Texas or Arizona. I believe they are some kind of plant there are several impressions that look like leaves or perhaps feathers. I say feathers because on one side there appears to be a femur bone or something like that. I also have one that has a hundred different shellfish in the matrix. I have different minerals as well like stalactite that’s over a foot long.I have tons of other old items I have collected over the years. With my metal detector and other sources I’d like to get checked out too. Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you

I recently found a grass woven bone scale armor shirt

I picked up a rock In Egypt I would like to have identified. I have a photo I can send.

I am very interested in learning more about these specialized iron tools I just bought. I may be jumping the gun a bit as I have not recieved them. I will submit the auction photos' but important information e.g. length/weight etc I can't answer. Thanks

I need to have it authenticated so I can bring it to auction

I know this is strange but I had a symbol show up on my wall one morning about 8 years ago i drew it on paper and counldnt find it anywhere I recently found the paper and was trying to have it identified there in no picture attachment so i can email it as well but i can describe it as a a backslash space foward slash space backslash space foward slash space back slash the slashes are angled 45 degrees and around them is an rectangular octogon being parallel lengths and octogonal widths ive wondered about this for years please help if possible 

I think I have a stone spoon but couldn’t find enough pictures of one to know whether it is or not could you help me?

I would like to share you something I found somewhere. I was wondering why it will be special then I found a reason like it burns head hair and if I laid it over the grass then gress will burn earli. I can send image but now tell me how do I know what is it or why this is priceless for me.


Amanat ullah

From Bangladesh

Below is a photo of an 11”, five pound  solid bronze sculpture and an article about former CNN reporter John Holliman.   John was one of the three reporters that reported live during the Gulf War. 

John gave this to me around 1996 and he told me it was the Goddess of Fertility that was given to him by King Hussein of Jordan when John interviewed him during the War in the Gulf. 

As you can tell by the attached article, John was an extremely personable guy that loved his son. 

He said King Hussein wanted him to have many children!

I would like to know if either of you could give me any insight into the origin of this piece or was this the beginning of “Fake News”!  Lol

I was VP of Turner Broadcasting during the Gulf War and John was one of my best friends.  I was honored to be one of his pallbearers at his funeral. 

Feel free to contact me if you need any additional information.   I am now retired and downsizing and wondering if this is of any value other than a great story!

Thank you in advance for any information you may have. 

Linda Hudson

We have what we think is a Pick Stone, it’s about 18 inches long, round but straight narrower on this a rare piece? Can’t find much information about it, is this something you know anything about...thank you for any information, regards, Maureen

I have found a few what I believe are joint bones from some aquatic creature. I lack the knowledge or training to identify them, and was wondering if anyone could help? I also found in the same area some mussels, which had crystal formed inside them when split open. I've never heard of such an occurrence. 

Found a GOLDEN (It was tested negative for gold) metal goblet at Cocoa Beach in Florida using a metak detector, and found it very interesting that is has (SAUDI ARABIA) on it and a symbol that i believe is the simbol of Saudi Arabia... on the other side of it it has a flower drawn... it was about 15 inches deep on the sand and it was very rusty, Therefore i took it home to clean it... It looks very old to me but im no specialist... i wanna know if someone would be interested to take s look at it. I have pictures and a short video.

Found a fossil that has teeth in it looks like a part of a head of a old fish or something that's petrified trying to find out what it is and how old it is

I frequent the beaches of North Carolina, and after Hurricane Florance I found something unlike anything I've ever found. I'm looking for some help in identifying what it could possibly be. It's an object approximately 11 inches in length and, a varying one, four, and six in width. It's mostly porous on the outside, but unusually heavy, with very smooth grooves in a odd places

Hi me and my family were on a walk by a dam in our home town in the uk. While we were skipping stones, my partner noticed a very peculiar triangle stone with a pretruding circular shape carved on the top. A local person who takes an intrest in these kind of things beleives it could be a plug from a vessle from BC as they were made from iron AC. 

I have photos of it, but would be very greatful for your opinion on this.

Thank you. 


I think I have a fossilized dinosaur head, however I don't know where to take it to get it appraised or authenticated??

I was deployed too Iraq in 2007 and was the OIC of Force Protection. I visited the Iraqi Bazaar from time to time to do something different on my deployment. I purchase the brass plate to which iam inquiring about. Would like too send you a picture. Merry 

Do you think that they filled in the structure to do work on it? Instead of lifting heavy stones and placing on top, could they maybe have filled in the structure to lay more structure on top of what was already there?

It has two strands. Very detailed beads that are ball shaped with lines big and small and the other strand is the ball shape and what I would say star or sun like beads. I found it in a barn when i was a little girl hidden in a barn between a large wall portrait. I have pictures avail.

I think I found a mortar Indian artifact 

I have a half of a black rock has a Indian with a bow and arrow hunting a deer carving on the back and the front it looks like it has an X in the center looks like a butterfly and it has a hole going right through it like used for a necklace type can you tell me if it's kind of rock this is

Hello! While walking through a park in Athens on our holiday last week, I found a rock that looks like marble, with aspects that sparkle. It also has a smooth 45 degree cut to it and one side is relatively flat.  Is this an artifact and should it be returned to where I found it?  Thank you— Edward

I found an egg like shaped rock that has cracks all throughout it so I cracked it open and there appears to be burned On the inside of the (shell) of the rock with a hard core in the center could it possibly be an asteroid or something?

I would like help identifying a piece I found in SW colorado in Ute Nation. It seems like it has been cut and smoothed maybe for an awl sharpener or some sort of abrading stone?

I found a weapon. In my backyard it look like a royalty club with a logo York's of Lancaster it lookz like a human bone

I have a special designed rock which were made during British rule

I have many NW Tenn findings on my property... Can you please help me identify can these... Thanks

I found a small petrified bone while searching  for sharks teeth in the Gulf of Mexico Boca Grand Fl.  It’s a little larger than a quarter and looks like a small flipper bone.  I would like some help identifying what type of animal it came from. 

I have a piece “believed” to Eva Braun’s wooden box bearing small metal portrait of Hitler. I can send images of the (pure) silver piece from the box. If you would e-mail me about it I’d be grateful.

My friend found multiple hand carved stone figures as well as beads in Mexico a few months ago. They look as if they coud be Aztec in origin, but I'm no expert by any means and need help identifying what culture and time period they may have come from. I have plenty of pictures. Thanks!


I was at Mexico last week and I found a old vase with a man holding a staff like object it seems pretty old and i would like to know if you may be able to help me identify from where it’s from like time zone

My mom found a gold ring with green stone and 2 Pharos on each side of the stone. Very old. 

Its was found while fishing off the coast of Panama by the Canal in the Atlantic Ocean. was curious what to do with the ring.  Could be nothing, but i don't think so. Help.

I've came across an ancient looking sculpture of an elephant/mammoth looks like corral. 

In south west Arizona. 

Hire can I go about to authenticate it? 

My Grandfather left me a Jade artifact he found on his property in Caifornia. I'm not sure what it is or what it was used for. I can send you a picture.


Thanks for the help,


What are the major things I should consider when choosing an undergraduate school to study archeology. 

Well I found in my o over 200 types of rocks and minerals with faces on them and carving seem to be on the Ancient Ancient world

We found precious and extremely interesting rocks in our yard! We would like to even so much as say that we Have found the temple! Thus far we have dug approximately 6 feet deep.  Amongst the face rocks we have discovered what we believe may very well be rocks with gold dublooms,daricks,talents,quarts,and others.  Could you give me some historical advice, history, tecniques,images,and locations close to south Carolina that buy and sale this type of discoveries. ?  We are located in Gaffney 's. c right out of Cowpens 's. c. Thank you so much for your profession and help concerning what we have spent on going years of cherished hard work. 

Dating artifacts 

Hello, my name is Brenda  and I recently found a wooden coat of arms with chains around it with two swords in the back crossed. I founded buried underground on a job site with a metal box Nd letters around it. If you can please help me out into finding out what does it have. I’d really appreciate it thank you. 

Unearthing several species of petrified animals in second ash layer just south of ossipee valcano


I want to be sure the bone I found isn't human

I have found a shield in my granfathers collection and i would like to know to which troop it is and what century 


Hello I’m trying to contact someone that would know something about this rare rock tool that I found when I was a child. I lived in Ubly Michigan when I found it. If there is someone who speaclizies in old tools or weapons could you have them email me and I could send some pictures thank you 

can you help me in giving me direction as to what these are?

Helo , 

i want to get some informations for a brick founded undergroud that leads to soemthing else , and i wish to know what secrets that brick might have , if there is someone thet could help i would really appreciate that . So as soon as i get an answer for that i can tell u the story how it was . Please text me back . Thank you 

My daughter found a deer head fully intact but no skull or jaw bone only the leather outer you can see the eye,nose ears and into the skull area this is a very strange piece she found it while walking on the shore line of the St John's river in Florida

my bet would be she found an old mount of someones that ended up in the water some how and lost the Styrofoam inside .e

My daughter found a dear head in Florida seems to be a full head intact but no skull bone all deer hide it's a strange piece you can see the eye ,nose and ears .how could this be intact without bone just a head hide. She found it on the shore line of the St John river


I am wondering how long it takes for buried birch bark to disintegrate? I know it can last for hundreds of years in the right conditions.



Came across a large, 40-50lb, smooth, oval, face rock.  I've looked online everywhere for something similar in the area and then world wide.  With only a few sources, but I'd like to have it looked at. On one side you can clearly see a face. Eyes,  narrow longer nose going down to thin lips, with a closed mouth.  It almost looks as if many years ago it had designs of some sort around the face.  I have pictures, to bad you can't post them.  

I believe I found a iron arrowhead and not far beside it a drill. I would love for a professional to take a look at these and tell me what I have. Either an artifact or just trash. They where found just outside of Turell Arkansas just north of the Parkin archaeological site.

It seem I found a live stone moving sometimes at night were I will contact at what it worth it

It is a astriod,meteor,or comet

My mother found what appears to be a large spear head many years ago along the creek in her back yard; she was hoping somone could take a look and identify/confirm what it is.  Thank you for your help!

 Dear Sirs and Madams:

 While walking on the Port Aransas beach the other day, I came across what seemed to be a simple piece of wood with barnacles attached, but upon closer inspection I saw that the wood had been petrified and was inbued with square holes that would fit a handle. I’m attaching pictures for your perusal. If you could give me a head’s up, it would be greatly appreciated.


Amy Cook 

My family has a Native American Indian Arrowhead Collection that we wish to donate to the appropriate museum or tribal organization. It was given to us over 50 years ago.

It is fairly extensive (perhaps 200) and I have taken pictures of almost all of them.

We do not have any written records as to how they were originally obtained, although some of them have notations that they are from Arkansas.

Can you help in letting me know some Native American Organizations or Museums that I may contact?

We certainly hope that these treasured materials can find a proper home

You can get ahold of parkin state park. It sits on an old Indian town with mounds still there. They have an extensive collection and take donations and will put the on display. Parkin is just outside of Earl which is just a little north west of West Memphis 

I believe some of the body's in space were once a larger object. Such as the moon was part of the earth at one time etc. Sho this calls into effect, what existed at the big boom? And what caused it?

I may have stumbled onto a lost not known structures about 320 meters in Compe, Bolivia. The area is 21°04'20"S 65°05'41"W. I maybe wrong or just mistaken. Please let me know if im in the right place to report any findings.

I came across a very unusual boulder after a fire in the Lake District in tasmania’s Highlands. About 1 metre by 2 metres ovoid. Same colour all over very little grain. Unlike any other I can find an image for on the web. If you would like to see some photos I would be happy to send. Sincere regards, Delia

I think found Dinasour poop in a geode. Is that possible?

Can I send u pics of the arrowheads I have can u tell me if it is worth the drive to sell any of them?

Can the ancient figure stones shown on possibly be authentic?

Hello! I found a couple of vertebra that had washed up to shore from New Smyrna Beach in Florida, and for the life of me I cannot figure out what animal they are from. I've spent a couple of hours on the internet but nothing I find looks the same as these. I would attach a photo of them but I cannot figure out how to do that. Could you please help me figure out what animal these are from? If you can email me directly then I know I can attach the image in my reply. Thank you in advance.

Can you comment on WHO CAN comment on artifacts that arn't excavated from a dig.I just read an article that the smallest baby bird ever found  is the size of a humans pinky finger.And ther one I have  the adult bird is smaller then a human pinky finger. The baby isnt bigger then a finger nail. So are you saying that isnt something that ouight to be recorded as Washington prehistoric important information just because a scientist didnt find it?I guess io need to get it in the hands of a scientist.How long does it take to become an archaeologist any way?

I believe I found a masadon tooth in my back yard. How or who can help me find out if it is one?ctp87

I found a piece that I'm told that could be a slave ax,but not sure,I can send a picture if you would like, thanks Tim

Found a stone grinding table.. The rock slab looks very worn and used - shown example in this image but the slab is a little bit  larger and very thin - it creates echo sound if its moved..

Im pretty sure this slab table can be damage or broken - the object remains at its original location -  Should i contact somene locally abou this ? my area is northern va/ washington dc 

I found an interesting rock in the mountains.I brought it home and cleaned it up and it is clearly a family of tiny birds.Two adults and one baby that is plain to see however I believe that two more babies are also there.Its obvious by how it is shaped that they were in there nest when whatever occured that caused them to be frozen in time.Im no expert but I imagine it could have been a volcanic erruption. At any rate It is pretty well defined The biggest bird is in the back with a wing extended that forms the back.Fingers located at the "sholder of the other wing are placed on the beak of the second adult bird who cradles a baby bird in itswings just as a human would with the baby laying on it's back the to adult birds are looking straight out as if they know something is happening. I believe another baby is climbing up inbetween the two adult birds and another baby is down between the cradled baby and the crouching adult bird.I have cleaned off and some have suggested I use acid but i dont feel comfortable as im afraid it could be destroyed even though it is a very solid rock.It looks very delicate and fragile. While cleaning it I accidentally dropped it on the hard wood floor and cringed in disappointment thinking that was it but when I picked it up there wasnt even a ding on it.I thought for it would have lost one or both of the adult wings but they were still perfect.Even the details of the feathers.You can tell the bird that is cradlin the baby came into the nest second as its "stem" of it's tail feather is resting on the other adult birds face.and on the under side the others tailt feathers are what cups the bottom of the nest that they are all in.It really is beautiful.I would like to know if you can give me any connections to collectors who might be interested in it.I live in washington state>it was found about three miles this side of the Canadian border.

i would really love to see a picture of this as I am very intrigued!

I have recently come into possesion of something that I was told is a turtle shell with a rather primitive looking carving of a human face on it. It is about 2inches long and is quite heavy. To my laic eye it looks more like a stone but then again I have not seen many turtle shells in my life and handled none. I was told the artifact was aged at between 4500 to 2900BCE. I would like someone to have a look at it and see if there's anything else I could find out about it. Where is it from? Who made it? What it was for?
I would appreciate any information. I can provide high resolution photographs.
Thank you so much for your time.

did you notice what on the annauki


My father from Mexico who loves digging for treasures has found a skull believed to be carved by Aztecs or similiar to them. He wasn’t someone to value them. It is currently in Atlanta with a friend. Who can I contact?

I have seven questions that are for a career research project if anyone could answer please do. The questions are:

  1. Why were interested in being an archaeologist in the first place?
  2. What is the favorite part of this career?
  3. Was there a first choice before being an archaeologist?
  4. Do you believe that learning about other cultures helps us communicate with others?
  5. What did you do to get to where you at?
  6. Do you feel like people see archaeologist as something they are nopt?
  7. Do you recommend this career?


Recently my friend found some stone tools and old coins during digging near his house. I was just curious to know the time period to which they may have belonged. I can mail you the pictures.


Determining the age of the coins is fairly easy by the dates on them. Important to remember that in most of hte US, Spanish coins circulated from earliest colonial times into the 1850s, were legal tender as late as 1857 and continued circulating in the Southwest due to proximity to Mexico where most Spanish coinage was minted.   Finding stone tools together with the coins suggests both were collected as antiques by a later individual who deposited/hid them near his home.

Coin collecting was not a hobby of many members of the public before the late 1850s, prior to that time as mp one pulled old coins from circulation, it was not uncommon for coils one hundred years old to be in circulation.  In the 1940s an unopened safe was discovered down south, perhaps Alabama, and when opened the vast majority of the coins were minted in Mexico bearing dates back into mid eighteenth century; of approx. three hundred coins, less than twenty were US minted, and the majority of coins were two-bit pieces, i.e., 2 reales:  twenty-five cent pieces which were the work-horse coins of the era representing about one day's wage for a common laborer.

Who can i send these too to find out what tbey really are.  

If a site is overgrown and has barbed wire, but is a signifcant site for enslaved persons, would archeologist prefer to have the barbed wire and overgrown removed by the landowner or would they want to do it themselves to preserve more of the site?

Who do I contact in CA that will listen and find the appropriate person to validate a very significant finding? 6 years Ive been trying and now I should have a degree in being turned down and ignored. I will add this to my ignore resume I'm sure. I could have got another degree in validating what I needed validated by now for fk sake.



I have found a stat​​​​​​​ue of a snake head. I was wanting info on this piece.

We are trying to find out why we are finding large stones At the base of many of the trees on our southern plantation? Some of the larger older trees have multiple large stones. Our plantation has the Cherokee trail running through it and the plantation was established in 1872. 

found petrified horse inprint by river in iowa

Yes i found this rock which i thought it was a some form of a arrow head but i turned it over and ot had two pictures in it one a pencil fish like and the other i really don't know. Can you help me and let me know what i found.   Thank you

I have pictures of this but I don't know how to send them on this site 

I need help finding the value of my artifact

I have a very old rock which is what appears to be a turn plow of some sort. I’m trying to figure out the value of this and where I could sell it. If any one could help that would be awesome

I have found a piece of green granite that might be a stone tool, but alas I cannot post the pictures here. If it is a stone tool it is a two purpose tool, one side for crushing and the second for crude cutting. It is six inches across. Anyone have a general email or other chat box that accepts images. Bob Johnson

This is very strange it looks like hirogliffics or a map.  It looks like gold

Could you tell me if information written on a bannerstone regarding where and when it was found devalues the bannerstone? I am looking at purchasing a beautiful bannerstone but it has written on it the date and place it was found and I don’t know if that would affect the value of the stone or not. Thank you.

I have 2 fossils I am wondering if someone could tell me what they are

Found a very strange rock with what it looks like a bullet or a theeth and when I shake it I can hear something moving inside of it all, also looks very old

Could anyone recommend someone who would be able to authenticate a potential King Henry ring? I of course have plenty of pictures I will happily share with anyone who might be able to help. Thank you

Hi, I found a very smooth and almost completely round rock underground about 6 inches and it’s very hard but isn’t completely round but very close. Reminds me of a pool cue ball but is smaller. It is 2 inches wide. I found It in mid west Alabama would love to find out what it is if anyone could help please. Also, if someone can help where do I load a picture so people can see it? Thanks, Taylor 

Hello,  I have several of that type of stones that were found in a river.  After doing some research I found out there was an ol factory up river that used those stone for tumbling or crushing ore. Mine are about 2" diameter  They feel like marble to me. Very smooth.  I love mine.  You should do some checking if there was ever a factory or mining done in the area you found it.  And you might find more.  

You might try contacting someone in the geology department at the University of West Alabama near Livingstone.

I find indian artifacts all the time but this material

 Makes no sense no does the diagram of the pits of hell 

I found a collection of arrowheads in my brother's closet. My mother said that they were her fathers, he had collected them out west. When I picked them up I couldn't stop gagging til I put them back down. I am desperately trying to return them, they are not ours to have and I just want to make sure they're returned to their rightful owners. Please if you could help me it'd be greatly appreciated.

Found an incredible bone handle and copper scrapping tool(I think). Would love some help with IDing it since it is very unique and can't find anything near it. I am guessing 18th or 19th century since it seems to mix cultures with nails, bones and copper. Michigan area so copper does fit possibly over other metals. Please email me if you can help and I will send pictures!

I have several pre-columbian artifacts that I purchased from a small museum in Boston Ma. a number of years ago .the museum was closing & offered them for sale. I would like to get information such as authentication & origins...can someone there tell me where I can have them authenticated & identified. Iam not particularly intetested in value as I plan on passing them on to a family is very difficult  finding info. from groups such AIA & Im not exactly sure why ? But perhaps AIA can point me in the right direction , I live in Az....Thanx for any help you are willing to offer.......Douglas Lawtencea

U was wondering if u could call me or email me I have found fossils and I need to know if they are worth anything at all please and thank you!

found this stone in a fresh plowed field. Have found several stone axes in past but nothing like this.  This field has produced a lot of points every year. From woodland to paleo, to include several Clovis points. Wish I could figure out how to leave a photo

The mister and I have a sword we bought from a local auction and we have talked to vetrans from the Vietnam war, and looked in several books, brought it to various people and can not find anything even remotely close to what we have. We live in northern Michigan and have run out options..was hoping you could help? Would love to send you photos to see if you could help solve this mystery we have everyone scratching their heads about.

While on a walk with my father on rural county land that is used for biking n nature walks n this property owned by a dear Friend we found many different egg's of dinasours n organ's . After talking with the owner we were given permission to further discuss a site . After health issues my father wasn't able to dig n I cancelled any site licencing n land request was postponed. Though these egg's n organ's are rare Enough that we believe a young student would like to lead any further assistance to us in future digs . Can we request a student to lead n how?

Please contact me so I can figure out what I found 


Hi i found a white rock that has a face carving. It looks like either indian or Egyptian. It is in original form no broken parts and looks pretty neat. Would like someone to look at it and tell me if its something speacial?

While digging up cap rock for landscaping in our yard in coastal central Florida, we found an unusual rock.

It looks just like a tooth but a really big tooth.  Extreamly cool looking but could it really be a fossil?

Eagerly awaiting your response.


Of course it could be a fossil! Where you live, fossils are to be expected- of all kinds and ages- loads of mammals like elephants, tapirs, pigs, deer, you name it from the pleistocene, and of course much older things too.  The only way to find out is to take it to a museum, or you could send me a picture directly, and I'll try and ID it for you. Not sure what I was on this website, but... Lucky you?


Keith Sturgeon


I have a method of extracting copious amounts information from excavation materials at the site or in the lab. Email me for further information. 

Many years ago my late husband found what appears to be a perfectly round stone in a Michigan river bed while he was fishing. There appear to be tool marks on this stone. It has made me wonder if it’s really a stone as it has a strange feel to it. Can you advise me on where I can take it to get more information?

I may have found something very interesting possibly a ancient statue that has toppled or something more if so it would a huge discovery I feel.

Who can test my samples of 1050yr.old leather for species?

It’s very unique to me I feel some kind of connection to it & all a purpose within finding it . It’s unusual I’ll say .. doesn’t look just like any rock I’ve ever came across has shell like fossil imprints imbedded within it’s self & would somewhat almost seem but normal, now but when I shine a high bright like on this rock it seems to shine /Sparkal all around mainly more on the shell like fossils imbedded within it I know it’s truly not in its natural from as of as of yet either ?????

Hello! I was gifted a rock by a family member that he found in Mexico. I would like to get it evaluated. How do I go about doing so?

I found a huge rock that has a hole all the way through to the other side! The other side is directly across from where the other hole is! Now one side of the rock is broke off around the area where the hole is! It has a skull like feature but not sure what it is! 

I recently purchased a large (8"), very old, ancient lookiing vase that I am assuming is from an archeological site.  Each piece of the pottery has been pain stakingly glued back together.  I would estimate nearly 50 pieces and a few pieces are missing.  It has hand painted design that feels like it might be Asian.   I had to laugh when I saw a $6 price tag and a note that said "as is".   It was in a very wealthy home in a place of honor on the mantel so I don't think the estate sale people knew that it wasn't just a damaged piece pottery.  Anyway, I would like to know if anyone can identify the painting or shape of the pottery.   If there any special care instructions.  Should it be in a museum and not in my dining room?   Happy to forward pictures.

I have found what looks to be a petrified snake or turtle the same area where many eggs and other bones have been found.  These are in Tennessee at a work site.  If it is a snake's head there looks to be a growth a couple inches from the head that could be a leg.  Was interested what you thought.  Thanks

I'm a NYT bestselling author and I'm working on a new book for kids ages 8-13. I need an ancient Egyptian artifact or pendant that I can use in the story, but really exists and there are photos around that kids can see. I also need the name of a Pharaoh who lived in the time the pendant was made. I'm hoping to use my story to get kids excited about Egyptian history and the pharaohs. Any advice you can offer would be greatly appreciated.




Who or where i can get some artifacts authenticated if these are the real deal i need to get the proper authorities here on my property in middle Tennessee.. some dirt work has uncovered some really good rocks/fossils that i really believe the experts will want to see including turtles, sea shells, one sea scorpion is what ut extension told me they believe it to be 450 myo. Over 100 pieces in same spot its a nice find i just need to know the next steps to take.. email me and I'll send you photos and will go from there..Thanks in advance. 

I'am from Pakistan. I was on hunting and there i found a rock, which i believe is a fossil of upper jaw with crushed teeths in it. I need to know what excatly it could be. I can send the pics.

Ups all is above in subject 

Hello I recently bought a pyramid-shaped stone that was sold to me as nuummiteb when I questioned the seller and advise him that disappear to be gabbaro with bronzite or another mineral they insisted that it is Nuumite please help me identify this as I'd like to be sure 

So I found this clay (at least I'm pretty sure it's clay) face in the woods behind my uncle's house. It's white except for blue eyes and red eyebrows. If anyone emails me I'll send photos. It says "Alisson D" and "2/91" on the back but my family has owned the property since the 1970's. So either someone made it in 1991 and trespassed and just left it there for some reason, or it could be from another century. It would be so cool if anyone could help me find out if it's that old or not. 

So that mask. I found one similar to what your descriptions are. Mine said 1/90. Also “Allison D”.

I am the one who found a silver copper handmade mug it's in two pieces but they somehow fused it together at the bottom and it's got a spear with a weird-looking Chicken on it for handle and I cannot find any markings of a name or who made it or year or anything on it so if you please would email me back so I can get some how send you some pictures of it then I would really appreciate it thank you

I have a bird Indian stone and would like to know more about it thank you and I appreciate your time


While working and digging about 10 ft deep into the ground found what looks like a  river stone maybe 2.5 inches around with black circles. You can feel the texture of the circles as if it were painted over the rock. Dies anyone know what it may be? Looked up native artifacts but didn't find anything similar.


 Last year me and my family had gone for a walk around a local reservoir. We were skipping stones and my daughter picked up a very triangular shaped stone, the strange thing was, apart from it being very triangular, there is a perfect circle protruding from the centre of onw aide of the stone. I was wondering what the chances of it being man made were and if there is somewhere in the uk i could tale it to get checked.

Thank you.


I have found a carving with a arrow pointing left and a capital letter 'B' on the bottom left it is rounded believed to be 100 years old

would like to know if you have ever seen anything like this it is one pieve dug up with excavator

I found some peicesof rock in my house . Who can tell me about the rock?

I was using my pendulum for the first time and I found a small strange rock with a face on it.

The pendulum lead me to dig behind the house and this is what I found. The pendulum said that it was over a million years old but I would like to know what it is. 

Is there any place I can send a fossil I have found in to see how’ve old it is?

Where can I find out about fossil bones I found and see what they are

I think I have found a dinosaur egg by my house and I’m not for sure if it’s just a rock or not because I’ve look at pictures and the egg shell books as thick as a dinosaur egg would be, and I kind of want to find a phone number that I can call that way I can somehow get it inspected or looked at that way I can figure out if it is or if it is i I think I have found a dinosaur egg by my house and I’m not for sure if it’s just a rock or not because I’ve look at pictures and the eggshell books as thick as a dinosaur egg would be, and I kind of want to find a phone number that I can call that way I can somehow get it inspected or looked at that way I can figure out if it is or if it isnt 

I live in willow glen area nexed to los gatos creek trail i was digging n found old iron cast that contains gold cuz i had it checked ..its also a pill i realized when i researched on the symbols that was still on it i seen a famouse alchemists wrote he would plant a seed to grow a gold tree with gold leaves.n what he did was smart as hell with the led thats already in the rock's he turned gold u should see i dont look the ordinary guy who does this but since then ive learned so much about alchemy and their practices like it was calling me once i found more old things i fill you should come n dig here ..san jose ca hope to get a chance you can tell me how old these things are cuz its really a adventure and excitement lol thanks have a good day staff n bosses

Hello, construction sites desicrate artifacts , sites with history I want to go look over land before construction begins .is there companies that provide this service ? I want to start a company to do this in pasco county Florida, 

Thank you


My husband stumbled apon what we believe to be a actual petrified human heart, it looks exactly identical to the human heart. It is about the size of my husband's fist, the tissue, vessels, and shape of this rock looks like a replica of a human heart . We have been looking it up and have done some research of this ourselves butb can not find any information of our findings. if you may have an interest I can send pictures. Thank you kindly

 Hey.I have recently found some petrified wood in Minnesota and I would like to compare the pictures of what you have found. Thank you. 

Can you please also create a section for African wood species as 
many people have many questions about wood also.

I have what I believe to be Iridium. its silver, heavy, non-magnetic, and it has lines, much like frost on a window, but not branching. Who can I take it to, to ID this?


we found an interesting design on a large stone, and are wondering if it could be man made, or if it's just a natural marring of the stone surface. The lines appear to us to be deliberate and old, but we're wondering if someone with more familiarity could take a look and give us an oppinion. I have photos to share if this is something someone in your organization could help us with!

Thanks in advance,


I recovered an old stone in the Sonoran Desert around Tucson that appears to be a large tooth over 7 inches in length. I'd very much like to get an archeological opinion on it if at all possible. I realize you are very busy and any feedback / input would be much appreciated.



Found stone spear heads while metal detecting  a few years ago. Curious who could of made them


I have this hand carved metal spoon that appears to me to be extremely old and perhaps depicts Mother Mary. Does anyone know who I might be able to contact that I could send photos to, that might be able to help me solve the mystery of what this is, how old it might be, where it might be from etc.? I thank you in advance for any time and help given, as any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you

I have a  carving that i believe possibly to be very old and predating most similar items I can find from internet research.Im pretty sure its walrus tusk,and it's a carving portraying a man sitting,is there somewhere I can have somebody do some testing or carbon dating to better find out what exactly and when it came from?

My husband is convinced that the rocks and stones that were found from a ranch in Pulaski Tennessee are possible authentic Cherokee artifacts.   Is there any where that we could have these items authenticated ?

I have some I found did u find a specialist in your case?

I like to know if this natural formation with  courts in the middle is worth anything

Please respond when you are ablef6PhL and let me know thank you and God bless

Have a very one of a kind piece that needs a expertise on identifying it authentication if it manmade or natural. Can send photos with your email address.   Sal

what are diffrent things that you can find

what are diffrent tipes of archaeoljy 

how do you find the areas to dig

An ancient iron furnace has been discovered on archaeological site in the Northern Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. The University of Washington has dated a sample of furnace wall material 150 AD. Dr. James Feathers did the TL dating. I am happy to provide you with his report. C14 dates from Beta Labs extend to 2540 BP.

I have tried for years and not a single qualified  archaeologist will investigate the site. Is evidence of PreColumbian metallurgy generally ignored and suppressed by the establishment? 

How can I get assistance from a professional? 




I want to know the diffrence between the archaeology and culture of a site. Can you set up an example?

Hello I recently sent a question for you but I forgot to date that the rock I was inquiring about was a rock with a Paleolithic Early Man footprint embedded in it. It has been authenticated by Greg Bowen it has been certified and documented but it's not yet ready for the world because I need to have it dated where could I go to have this rock dated because I don't want to leave my footprint at any old place where it might be "misplaced" or stolen. 

Do any of yall know about this old copper pot with these symbols on the handle?

Uncertain where or whom I should share spearhead/arrowhead, with mineral composition found deeply implanted in northern Michigan forest soil.  I would like to investigate and possibly help the community about history and time period.


I am forever looking on the ground for rocks, have been a rock collector since I was young. I started cleaning up some rocks I found a couple of months ago and I believe one might be a Meteorite of a Chondrule or Achondrite type. Where I live, I don't believe there is a place I can take it to get tested. I am looking for advice on where to go from here. I will gladly send pictures of it, thank you.

I was traveling with my parents when I was younger and came across this very strange object and would like to know what it is and the value


I'm a young writer currently working on writing a novel of my own, but a frequent stumbling block I'm running into is my limited knowledge of archaeology, specifically the cleaning and examination of artifacts. A few of the questions I have are, how would an archaeologist go about cleaning marble that's been sitting in the dirt for over 200 years?  And how would an archaeologist prepare to open a coffin the same age?


i would like to know if anyone knows of a cave somewhere in the Southwest - that contains a Statue of Our Lady?  I was taken there many years ago but have forgotten where it was located. Any help would be greatly appreciated 



I recently found an old spoon wich it has printed on it a date witch I cant clerly see, but it can be two combinations eather 16** or **91, there also is another number that i can bearly see witch makes it *461. Now i can't post pictures here but if there is someone that knows about diferent coltures i'd appreciate it if you could help me solve this mystery. My guess it would be either indian or middle eastern colture, but from 1-10 my knowledge about their culture gets a 2.3! If there is someone that would like to help me i could email you some photos of the spoon.

Thank you in advance.

I recently located an area here in centeral NH that after much reasarch I believe is a lithic site. The area covers many acres and contains boulders that have been worked to resemble animals (mostly turtles, horse heads, elephants). Some boulders and local ledge outcrops have petroglyphs on them. One special item is a large "wheel" stone.  At first glance I thought it was an old mill stone but its surface is entirely covered with petroglyps and what appears to be a form of crude writing. There are a few trees blown over and the root balls contain hunderds of artifacts. These are ax and hammer heads of all types and sizes, scrapers and knifes, points of all sizes and types, hearth goods, sewing items, small animal effigies, stone/bone beads, as well as trinkets, what I need is afermation that it is a site and an approximate age before I make a decision as to what I should do next. Thank you 

We found what appears to be a claw in a pile of rocks from a local stone quarry, we are wondering  what animal it came off of.  Could someone help us to identify it?

My mane is William I live in West Virginia / Virginia area and I have found rocks that look like petrofied bone and some that look like eggs.  Eggs are approx. 4 inches by 3 inches and 2.5 or 3 inches thick.  Inside looks like petrofied yoke.  Bones have "Bone like" shapes and look like petrofied marrow.  Who do I send them to.  I need to continue clearing this area but do not want to distroy any artifacts.  Thank you in advance for your help on this matter.

Hi my name is Kim and I was give a statue by a friend. It looks really old and I would get more information on it he told me it was valuable.

I have a jug that is covered in dirt it has 4 handles and is very ornately incised and looks to be brown but as I wipe away the dirt you can see red and black. It looks like the clay is red with black paint. Id like to send pictures to see if you have any information about this piece. In all of the fune grooves it’s packef with dirt and sand and it doesn’t come off easily and it it easy to see it’s very old.

I have also found what seems to be a bird humanoid skull. Also in the back yard a large rock with the entire skeleton of the bird humanoids with beads on his rist and a few other objects.around his body. Can anyone tell me.who about these fossils. I know that it could change history as we know it.

I have what seems to be a giant bird claw fossil as well as a giant toe bone fossil from a lizzard type prehistoric creature. Then a toe nail. Several teeth. A giant lizzard head and some others. Is they any way someone could point me in the right direction of whom to speak to about the identity and value of them? Thanks! P.S. I have several pics of artifacts and the fossils I can send.

I found this metal piece on the shore line of Lake Maumelle just west of Little Rock, AR in a lost town called Crossroads. It was a small town with a school and some businesses, mainly used for logging the very large forgotten Oak trees that once grew in the mountains surrounding the area. The town was lost to the Flood Prevention Act, and the building of the lake for Tap water. While on the lake metal detecting I found afar back as a 1914 Nickel, but I also found this Metal piece which looks like it once was a necklace. On one side, it look like a Priest standing beside a short pillar with one hand firmly on the pillar and the right hand stretched out to his side surrounded in what looks like a picture frame. Under this is the Date, 1930. On the opposite side of the piece shows _erry CO directly below that L&AA directly below that is the word Declame. I do not know what the first letter is to _ERRY CO there is a chip missing out of the piece. I’m dumb founded on this issue and I’m just looking for answers if you could help me find answers it would be awesome.

Hello, last summer I was metal detecting in a park and dug this bronze/copper item . Am wondering if you could give your opinion if it could possibly be an old spearhead?? It was in the ground point down approximately 8 inches below the surface. If you think it looks like it could be something could you direct me to an outfit the may be able to test it? Is there another way for me to send a photo?

thanks, Bob

Hi, Is this a fossilized human tooth? It looks Very old - fossilized and has what looks like a "dental tartar" ring.
It looks incredibly like pictures of fossilized human teeth I saw on-line.

I found it on Maryland's eastern shore on a beach of the Chesapeake Bay where there were many American Indian settlements and many archaeological digs where arrow heads and many other types of artifacts are found.
I can gladly send pictures.

My father was stationed in Turkey in the USAF in 1956-1958. I was only 1-3 yrs old. He befriended an archaeologist who gave him some copper plates that were dug up around Ankara. He passed in 1981 and they have been at my moms house since. I acquired them as keepsakes and would like to learn more about them. One has an Arabic signature and date of 1142. If you can help me find soMeone that can educate me on the history of these plates. I am in the Atlanta Ga area. Thanks

I have found an stone ax on top of a much bigger rock that has blood on the underside on the James River bluffs on a very high cliff in Williamsburg,Va., One side very weathered than the other side. I need to know who can test for D.N.A. from the stone ax. Thank you, Hunter Of Fine Things.

Hi.i found a chunk of rock in a creek,sliw moving, behind my house . The rock has been determined to be conglomerate.  Recently i started to find fossils of whole sea livi animals. These smalls round stones glimer ans shine like diamonds . Could you tell me if they are

Hello i was wondering how much you would charge to identify or tell me if I have anything worth jumping up and down for in my collection of artifacts arrowheads ancient Stones Celts bannerstone I maybe have 35 I would want you to look at and how would it work I'm not asking for authentication I just want to know if they're worth getting authenticated if they're real not real thank you so much for your time I look forward to hearing from you.

Just also wanted to day it has a crest on both sides and on the front 2 jousting knights. 

Thank you Margaret

I have a chest/trunk that I found at an estate sale ..its beautiful and it says Handmade in Spain by Mades I have pictures..just wondering if its of any value and its orgin..wondering if it was made for some important person on the U.S.A.

I found a rock on a local construction site that appears to have carvings in it. I am an excavator and have been working near the Grand river. I will gladly send a picture if you are interested. If not perhaps you could suggest where I might find more information.

Thank you

Ron Morrison

My friend send me a question about his finding of ancient objects while drilling for water in Sudan,  I need your help

can you contact me Via email.


Hi, I was wondering if you could help me with some info. I am fascinated with ancient Egypt. I have been looking at some shabtis on ebay. There is one that caught my eye. It is blue faince. the feet have been broken off otherwise it seems in good condition. Can you give me some pointers on how to tell if something is a fake? I have read a coa does not necesarily mean something is genuine, but have also read to stay away from someone who cannot provide a coa. Is there a book with tips I could reference? Thank you for any info.



Hello my name is harshal Patil I have an ancient coin I want to know that how old the coin is and of which country the coin is please reply to my mailid as soon as possible

I found a carved eagle head out of rock while arrow hunting can you give me any information on it to thanks

Can someone tell me what these are. I gound them in my back yard. They look pretty, but I font know if they are worth a lot. I also dony know how to show you pictures but ill discribe them. One of them is clear, but when you move it around you can see a rainbow kind of color. It also has what I would discribe as a crack near the center, but it looks like star. The other one looks like a big rock but its clear.

Hi my name is Zake I live in Upstate NY, I purchased a crate of geodes and various other rocks including a Pataski stone that was very large.The question I have is among the rocks I found two small cases, one had a star sapphire a rectangular cut Ruby and what I believe to be a small rune stone with a few characters on it I was wondering if there was a way I could send you a picture to see what your opinion is, most of these were found Midwest to North West states and the woman who I bought them from was probably in her late 60's and said her grandfather found them.I also have a large stone that looks like it was man manipulated to be used as a large hammer or weapon

My husband brought home a rock a couple of years ago that’s look like a huge petrified dinasour egg.  We chucked it off as just a perfect egg shaped stone.  He had it outside. And one day he picked it up and put it in on our porch rail. The cats knocked it off and it chipped in several places.  I’ve brought it in because I really like it and was sad that now its not perfect in shape.   The other day looking at it closer the chipped area reveals a layer of what looks like the shell of an egg and the inside first layer looks white like a petrified egg white.  How do we go about to verify if it’s just a stone or indeed an egg? 

If course he cannot remember where he found it.

Dawn Collins

hey so i relocated a while back from northeast ga to north ga. Always new the history was thick with goldmines and had to have old  items and  artifacts hiding away from people and time! So anyway the last month or so I’ve been looking at the types of rock and stone we’ve been working around. So I’ve found some interesting stuff! Not a cut and dry this is a arrowhead, nope know arrowheads just yet! But I have found what seems to be  sculptures? Now I have one hell of a  imagination so I can spin a rock around enough to the point where it’s a dragon.. lol. But idk? A few of these are  interesting. Would love to hear what you think!! 

I have found a blue triangle shaped rock, the letters on it say: V T T O  9   N  or upside down: N   6   O L L A

Thank you for making this site, -Rebecca

I would like some guidance as to who I can talk to to learn some information about my sword. I found this sword during a trip to England in 1982. It was in a crevice in an old foundation of a home my ancestors built several centurys ago located in Stratford-upon-Avon. There is absolutely no doubt it is real. It was for either a young adult or hands must have been alot smaller when this was made. The blade is still sharp on 2 sides and would easily cut even though it is rusty. I have not thought about this sword in years but for some reason, I have a desire to learn about it now.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have pictures I send upon request.


I have what I believe to be a fossilized native medicine pouch trying to find out how to verify what it is how old where it might be from if it has any importance to anyone if you can help I appreciate it thank you for your time . PS. I do have pictures.

Hello all..  Im new here and have been trying to find some info on this rock My Dad and I found while diging a well.  If anyone could help that would be great.

 I found a few rocks that I see pictures a face in his rocks was hoping maybe you can help me out I want to find out what they mean

It is small so I know it’s not human 

Ive seen & have photos of faces in Stone from the Colorado Rocky region. I wish i could see your photos here, but after decades in the field in Colorado & world traveling,I think, they were  very special like we tresure photographs. people who were related or famous.k 

Found rock think it's native or maybe vikeing hope you can help me out it's like a a Indian Head shape I see aliens in the rock markings 


What did the ancient people's of our planet use fishbones for and the rest of the fish for? I am writing a fantasy book and I am stumped on this topic currently.

it just so happens i know that answer. Fish bone when ground is a good source of Calcium & has an ingredient that aides in digestion.also, soups have been found to of been made via evidence & there is a soup that is made just FROM BONE.its amazeing & pets do well to drink BONE BROTH, it has a ton of Vitamins!( & its a great ancient diet!).

Why do they say this object belongs to before Chirst and that object belongs to after Christ centuries? 

Years ago I acquired a large human-shaped skull fossil. It is the top half of the head only. All the basic  skull markings are visible. I would love to know exactly what it is. Being a rock collector for over 50 years, I have other unusual finds. Most of my rocks came from Montague and Clay Counties of North Texas.

Hi there ,I find this ring and I was wondering if you could tell me anything about it ,it has 925 and also 825,it has as a large stone with a cross it the stone


While hiking in the mountains of Utah I found what I believe to be a whetstone from the Spaniards when they were in here looking for gold and wondered if it was worth anything.

Hello I was helping my father go through his office and we found an old Ivory looking white knife with symbols on it. I asked my dad where this came from and he explained that it was found a while back in Northern California near to where the gold rush occured. This knife is very very cool looking, was halfly submerged in the ground when found. There is a pattern on the knife that looks like the following ll - ll (the middle dash is more of a circular dot). I can email out pictures if you reply to my comment. Interesting though if it really is ivory it must have been traded inland... 

So my friend was working out in napa valley and they were doing construction the the ground was all dug into and my friend found what looks to be a bone in cased in rock it almost looks petrified it even has crystal like designs on it. We have just wondered what we found for the longest time.

In the mid 1980s while living on the North Fork of Long Island in New York I found what I believe is an artifact  while searching for shellfish along the Long Island Sound shore. I would describe it as a stone axe head 5 1/2 inches long, 3 1/2 inches high and 1 1/2 inches thick. It's composition is of  dark brown rock material.  I live in the Daytona area or Florida now. Where can I have this piece evaluated? I do have photos.

I have some items in which I cannot tell if they are replicas or original items. Is there someone in Houston, Texas,that you know of, that can help me with this issue?

I found a green stone that looks like a stone blade with carvings on it.what would this be worth?

Hi my name is todd hart I live in Baltimore county md I have recently been getting into fossil hunting but only a few places around offer any type of fossil places like calvert question is when you dig anywhere like say my back yard it's just dirt then clay..yet wouldent there be teeth or fossils everywhere if you just dig but it seems to be only in some areas that are my question is can you just dig anywhere and find fossils or will is just be dirt dirt and dirt till you hit water...and when I dig in my back yard here in middle river md I have read that most of maryland was a shallow sea and then went back and forth from swamy land to shallow when I dig after a few feet am  I diggong into ancient  times or is the top feet new dirt I can not seem to find to much info on maryland and it's historical fossil sights..usually the sites just talk about the general area like delaware and virgina..but I would think somewhere close like a 5 min drive or less would have some kinda fossils underground...could someone explain why only certain areas have fossils which seem to be off limits and or hard to get too if not impossible it's kind of frustrating lol

Recently I went on my own to find out what it feels like to be one of you guy's n didn't take long before I uncovered eggs n heads n internal organs of appears ancient fossilized rocks that very well could be of what era in time

How can I send pictures of a rock I found to get your opinion?  It looks like quartz and like it's been chipped as if to make tools or arrow heads

I'd like to know what it is... I believe it to be human/"caveman"...

My father in law has passed away and he left me with an authentic family heirloom tomahawk that has been passed down within his family and I wanted to sell it because I have no use for it but I wanted to know from an expert the real worth of this item.. can you point me in the right direction?

I wish to know if you have some experts to evaluate some of some peses i have found .

Alot of thanks in advance and best regards 

Nicely carved/etched head/face on quarter size flat jasper stone. Offering, effigy?? Appears to have flowing hair or head dress.  Fertility? Chief? Southern Louisiana.


i recenty got a oli painting from a preist and i looked it up i need to get someone who is able to tell me about painting from Rembrant i live in indianapolis in please help..

i bought a house in shiawassee county mi. the old owner dug out a 16 feet deep pond in back. i have found what looks like statue of a bird made by flaking on a black rock . also what looks like effigys along with other things. need help identifying them any help will be appreciated.

I found a rock in Mississippi when I was a kid. It looks like a turtle, snake or bird. Can anyone give me a contact that may be able to help figure out what it may be? 

Ok ive looked around on ancient runes and so fare i havent found anything at all like this one maybe somone could help me out on my discvory and give me some noligable info on it  ill send u a pic as soon as u drop me a line thank u

I found a fossil looks like a snake eating a baby bird- like dinosaur. Bird thing has a crest on its head and it really neat two creatures in a 2 inch rock. Looking for a value or what the creature is. I Wish I could submit a photo.

I live on a indian campground 180 acres. I have so many arrowheads and artifacts and dinosaur eggs and i believe jewerly statues i just dont know what is what can someone help me i will send pics of some because i have hundreds and they are of paleo Indians 

Ok once upon a time . My family and I went on a journey from Brandon dad fell sick so we got there asap ! We stayed at my brother in-laws in Edna TX. This was is his first home it a much older house and quit charming as could be expected for its age .fixer upper if you will. Ok so we were just out walking the property and some one said look at this root its cool looking I dug around it and I could not believe what I was looking at even know I have seen some really cool artifacts from this area but this one we found and it was a sing of sorts five me chills to mention any way we have a 25" long X 2" wide at the handel bayonet not sure if you call it that because it also has a handle on it silver in color and is deffenetly old and very cool I have had it for some I don't  no 5 or 6 years  now and I want to clean it and play with it but I just can't for some reason. My father was a collector of any and everything cool, rusty, shiny, dirty, grimy the man had nothing I did not want to pick up, touch or just sit and stare at with wonder. Thank y'all for your time and dedication please help me figure out what I have  here and maybe get it in the right place before  I clean it and mount it on my wall.

I was collecting some sticks and moss when I came across this small almost stumpy looking thing. Thought it looked interesting so I pulled it out of the water and found tiny worms were kinda poking around in it. Initially figured bugs will be bugs maybe they made a home in this cool stick. But then it was like a bright pinkish red on the inside. And it smells pretty bad even after soaking it in clean water and a mild bleach solution(i was really hoping it would be a stick...) I took some pictures I'd post here but dont know how lol

I recently found an arrowhead that is way more strange than the rest .I know nature can make lines on rocks over time, but this really isn't a line. It looks to me like Native Americans somehow epoxied the rock to last this many years. The bottom of the rock is very thin, the middle portion is bulky, and the tip seems to be just a hair off center. I would really appreciate someone looking at it and giving me a second opinion!

Above it says that you cannot comment on artifacts that are no9t found on your digs. Can you steer me in the right direction ? I have a very ancient ivory bangle with strange carvings on it that I can not seem to identify anywhere.

Just trying to figure out what kind of stone this is I think it might be a fossilized bone and how do I send a picture to you guys

I think I may have found a fossilized oyster but not for sure, need help in identifying it

 Is this a Claw print and a mouse head fossilize found in backyard 

I found 2pieces of carved knotted with a serpant and i think a  birdat theother end can you tell me what it is.

I’m 61. When I was 4yrs old, I was digging In an  old dirt floor shed/garage. I pulled a small stick like thing up and on it was a  turquoise ring very dirty. I gave it to my mother. She wore it for years. I now wear it. How can I find out about it. And do you think that stick could have been a finger? Anyway maybe I’m nuts but I want to know something about the ring.  An you help?

I have found, a tiny rock with tiny bones inside it, I’m not sure what they are from, can anyone help me? I found it on a trip too nm, I dug it out, thinking it was an odd rock, then I saw the bones inside it.

I found 2 pieces of gemstones or rocks I looked online and i cant find them or anything like them i need help . How do i send a pic. With this text

i found a eget in MN it has one ring in it and it looks like outline of usa

Egg shaped, appears to be rock, multiple circles, many dot sized pin hole markings. Found in NE MS near 3 arrowheads. Can’t find anything like it on the net. 

I found a cuping stone that's right or left handed in perfect condition Southern Mississippi East of Laurel what's the history and possibly the value?

I found to be a head of a large bird and I also found bird eggs and I also found dinosaur skin still intact on the bone n it's grey with wrinkles and this is the second time I've found this skin on bone that's petrified . Also have eggs believed to be dinosaur n roughly size of footballs can you have a expert help me .

At Nanstein Castle, in Germany, built around the year 1162, I found a piece of jewelry in the courtyard at the top of the castle.  I also found what appears to be a spear head and some cannon balls.  How can I have them checked out?

We found a rock that appears to look like bone and intestine inside. It's very hard and appears to be mixed in with the rocks in that area. We found this in West Texas. Is anyone interested in seeing a picture and giving me there thought on this find. Very cool find.

River stone I found in Virginia very top of a mountain that weighs 30-50 pounds about 1.5 ft x 1.5 ft  recessed about 4 inches in soil on the bottom from time there I'm guessing and it has a perfect letter V carved into the top side this is on privat land with nothing around for miles  confederate paper money has been found on same property not far from it and also indian is their any way to tell me anything about it before i try to locate again and dig?

I found a very old single stone out of place in the Smokie mountain area in virginia while digging for ginseng that had been clearly marked with  a V  on it while on 300 acres of very old private land that has no public access or buildings on or anywhere near it and it was located near the top 1/4 of the mountain and the rock was hurried approx 6 inches deep under ground or approximately  1/3 of its size. There has also been confederate paper money in the walls on old building found and native Indian tools and weapons found in the same property extremely close and less then a 1/2 mile away on multiple different ocasions over the last 10 years . What could it be for??  And iis there anything i need to know beforehand about possible cautions digging or laws in place that I can or can't do? I found no other reported simular cases anywhere and need reliable help asap to find it again before the seasonal land marks I need to find it again change . 

Please help and thank you very much on behalf of everyone you help with you knowlage 

I found a petrified fish. Would you please tell me who you would recommend i contact to have it identified and valued? Thank you

I just want to tell to somebody or to someone who are an arcahelogist who are interested in finding what remains deep down the river of our town that so many houses drown down the river for almost a hundres years it because of a earthquake that sudden drown the houses we have seeing that many houses till now standing beneath the river it was happened on 1920's and since then no one or no ever arcahelogist gone to find out what happened at what remains down beneath the river.. Please send some arcahelogist in our that here in the Philippines in Mindanao... 

Please help me identify an estate sale find figure carved in stone.

I would like help identifying the origin and value of a carved artifact.

Can I send a picture to someone to identify the bones in this rock

Tried to put a pic on it the arrowhead looks like it was made of bone stuck in a rock which I think is part of the pelvic bone

mushroom     have pictures

While deer hunting in SE New Mexico.  My wife stumbled across what looks like a shark tooth to us. Would love some help identifying it please.

I need help identifying what language this is but I cannot attach a picture.

Acouple buddies and I were out riding atv’s and found a carving in the side of a rock face. It looks like an Indian Angel with some sort of hat on, it is very detailed. I would like to find some information out on this or atleast get a good starting point to research it. 

So I was making a mine in my back yard. I want like 5 feet below the surface and found a bone. Anotger one poped up too. And it looked like a dinosour bone. I also want to know how much its worth.


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