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Who can test my samples of 1050yr.old leather for species?

It’s very unique to me I feel some kind of connection to it & all a purpose within finding it . It’s unusual I’ll say .. doesn’t look just like any rock I’ve ever came across has shell like fossil imprints imbedded within it’s self & would somewhat almost seem but normal, now but when I shine a high bright like on this rock it seems to shine /Sparkal all around mainly more on the shell like fossils imbedded within it I know it’s truly not in its natural from as of as of yet either ?????

Hello! I was gifted a rock by a family member that he found in Mexico. I would like to get it evaluated. How do I go about doing so?

I found a huge rock that has a hole all the way through to the other side! The other side is directly across from where the other hole is! Now one side of the rock is broke off around the area where the hole is! It has a skull like feature but not sure what it is! 

I recently purchased a large (8"), very old, ancient lookiing vase that I am assuming is from an archeological site.  Each piece of the pottery has been pain stakingly glued back together.  I would estimate nearly 50 pieces and a few pieces are missing.  It has hand painted design that feels like it might be Asian.   I had to laugh when I saw a $6 price tag and a note that said "as is".   It was in a very wealthy home in a place of honor on the mantel so I don't think the estate sale people knew that it wasn't just a damaged piece pottery.  Anyway, I would like to know if anyone can identify the painting or shape of the pottery.   If there any special care instructions.  Should it be in a museum and not in my dining room?   Happy to forward pictures.

I have found what looks to be a petrified snake or turtle the same area where many eggs and other bones have been found.  These are in Tennessee at a work site.  If it is a snake's head there looks to be a growth a couple inches from the head that could be a leg.  Was interested what you thought.  Thanks

I'm a NYT bestselling author and I'm working on a new book for kids ages 8-13. I need an ancient Egyptian artifact or pendant that I can use in the story, but really exists and there are photos around that kids can see. I also need the name of a Pharaoh who lived in the time the pendant was made. I'm hoping to use my story to get kids excited about Egyptian history and the pharaohs. Any advice you can offer would be greatly appreciated.




Who or where i can get some artifacts authenticated if these are the real deal i need to get the proper authorities here on my property in middle Tennessee.. some dirt work has uncovered some really good rocks/fossils that i really believe the experts will want to see including turtles, sea shells, one sea scorpion is what ut extension told me they believe it to be 450 myo. Over 100 pieces in same spot its a nice find i just need to know the next steps to take.. email me and I'll send you photos and will go from there..Thanks in advance. 

I'am from Pakistan. I was on hunting and there i found a rock, which i believe is a fossil of upper jaw with crushed teeths in it. I need to know what excatly it could be. I can send the pics.

Ups all is above in subject 

Hello I recently bought a pyramid-shaped stone that was sold to me as nuummiteb when I questioned the seller and advise him that disappear to be gabbaro with bronzite or another mineral they insisted that it is Nuumite please help me identify this as I'd like to be sure 

So I found this clay (at least I'm pretty sure it's clay) face in the woods behind my uncle's house. It's white except for blue eyes and red eyebrows. If anyone emails me I'll send photos. It says "Alisson D" and "2/91" on the back but my family has owned the property since the 1970's. So either someone made it in 1991 and trespassed and just left it there for some reason, or it could be from another century. It would be so cool if anyone could help me find out if it's that old or not. 

I am the one who found a silver copper handmade mug it's in two pieces but they somehow fused it together at the bottom and it's got a spear with a weird-looking Chicken on it for handle and I cannot find any markings of a name or who made it or year or anything on it so if you please would email me back so I can get some how send you some pictures of it then I would really appreciate it thank you

I have a bird Indian stone and would like to know more about it thank you and I appreciate your time


While working and digging about 10 ft deep into the ground found what looks like a  river stone maybe 2.5 inches around with black circles. You can feel the texture of the circles as if it were painted over the rock. Dies anyone know what it may be? Looked up native artifacts but didn't find anything similar.


 Last year me and my family had gone for a walk around a local reservoir. We were skipping stones and my daughter picked up a very triangular shaped stone, the strange thing was, apart from it being very triangular, there is a perfect circle protruding from the centre of onw aide of the stone. I was wondering what the chances of it being man made were and if there is somewhere in the uk i could tale it to get checked.

Thank you.


I have found a carving with a arrow pointing left and a capital letter 'B' on the bottom left it is rounded believed to be 100 years old

would like to know if you have ever seen anything like this it is one pieve dug up with excavator

I found some peicesof rock in my house . Who can tell me about the rock?

I was using my pendulum for the first time and I found a small strange rock with a face on it.

The pendulum lead me to dig behind the house and this is what I found. The pendulum said that it was over a million years old but I would like to know what it is. 

Is there any place I can send a fossil I have found in to see how’ve old it is?

Where can I find out about fossil bones I found and see what they are

I think I have found a dinosaur egg by my house and I’m not for sure if it’s just a rock or not because I’ve look at pictures and the egg shell books as thick as a dinosaur egg would be, and I kind of want to find a phone number that I can call that way I can somehow get it inspected or looked at that way I can figure out if it is or if it is i I think I have found a dinosaur egg by my house and I’m not for sure if it’s just a rock or not because I’ve look at pictures and the eggshell books as thick as a dinosaur egg would be, and I kind of want to find a phone number that I can call that way I can somehow get it inspected or looked at that way I can figure out if it is or if it isnt 

I live in willow glen area nexed to los gatos creek trail i was digging n found old iron cast that contains gold cuz i had it checked ..its also a pill i realized when i researched on the symbols that was still on it i seen a famouse alchemists wrote he would plant a seed to grow a gold tree with gold leaves.n what he did was smart as hell with the led thats already in the rock's he turned gold u should see i dont look the ordinary guy who does this but since then ive learned so much about alchemy and their practices like it was calling me once i found more old things i fill you should come n dig here ..san jose ca hope to get a chance you can tell me how old these things are cuz its really a adventure and excitement lol thanks have a good day staff n bosses

Hello, construction sites desicrate artifacts , sites with history I want to go look over land before construction begins .is there companies that provide this service ? I want to start a company to do this in pasco county Florida, 

Thank you


My husband stumbled apon what we believe to be a actual petrified human heart, it looks exactly identical to the human heart. It is about the size of my husband's fist, the tissue, vessels, and shape of this rock looks like a replica of a human heart . We have been looking it up and have done some research of this ourselves butb can not find any information of our findings. if you may have an interest I can send pictures. Thank you kindly

 Hey.I have recently found some petrified wood in Minnesota and I would like to compare the pictures of what you have found. Thank you. 

Can you please also create a section for African wood species as 
many people have many questions about wood also.

I have what I believe to be Iridium. its silver, heavy, non-magnetic, and it has lines, much like frost on a window, but not branching. Who can I take it to, to ID this?


we found an interesting design on a large stone, and are wondering if it could be man made, or if it's just a natural marring of the stone surface. The lines appear to us to be deliberate and old, but we're wondering if someone with more familiarity could take a look and give us an oppinion. I have photos to share if this is something someone in your organization could help us with!

Thanks in advance,


I recovered an old stone in the Sonoran Desert around Tucson that appears to be a large tooth over 7 inches in length. I'd very much like to get an archeological opinion on it if at all possible. I realize you are very busy and any feedback / input would be much appreciated.



Found stone spear heads while metal detecting  a few years ago. Curious who could of made them


I have this hand carved metal spoon that appears to me to be extremely old and perhaps depicts Mother Mary. Does anyone know who I might be able to contact that I could send photos to, that might be able to help me solve the mystery of what this is, how old it might be, where it might be from etc.? I thank you in advance for any time and help given, as any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you

I have a  carving that i believe possibly to be very old and predating most similar items I can find from internet research.Im pretty sure its walrus tusk,and it's a carving portraying a man sitting,is there somewhere I can have somebody do some testing or carbon dating to better find out what exactly and when it came from?

My husband is convinced that the rocks and stones that were found from a ranch in Pulaski Tennessee are possible authentic Cherokee artifacts.   Is there any where that we could have these items authenticated ?

I have some I found did u find a specialist in your case?

I like to know if this natural formation with  courts in the middle is worth anything

Please respond when you are ablef6PhL and let me know thank you and God bless

Have a very one of a kind piece that needs a expertise on identifying it authentication if it manmade or natural. Can send photos with your email address.   Sal

what are diffrent things that you can find

what are diffrent tipes of archaeoljy 

how do you find the areas to dig

An ancient iron furnace has been discovered on archaeological site in the Northern Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. The University of Washington has dated a sample of furnace wall material 150 AD. Dr. James Feathers did the TL dating. I am happy to provide you with his report. C14 dates from Beta Labs extend to 2540 BP.

I have tried for years and not a single qualified  archaeologist will investigate the site. Is evidence of PreColumbian metallurgy generally ignored and suppressed by the establishment? 

How can I get assistance from a professional? 




I want to know the diffrence between the archaeology and culture of a site. Can you set up an example?

Hello I recently sent a question for you but I forgot to date that the rock I was inquiring about was a rock with a Paleolithic Early Man footprint embedded in it. It has been authenticated by Greg Bowen it has been certified and documented but it's not yet ready for the world because I need to have it dated where could I go to have this rock dated because I don't want to leave my footprint at any old place where it might be "misplaced" or stolen. 

Do any of yall know about this old copper pot with these symbols on the handle?

Uncertain where or whom I should share spearhead/arrowhead, with mineral composition found deeply implanted in northern Michigan forest soil.  I would like to investigate and possibly help the community about history and time period.


I am forever looking on the ground for rocks, have been a rock collector since I was young. I started cleaning up some rocks I found a couple of months ago and I believe one might be a Meteorite of a Chondrule or Achondrite type. Where I live, I don't believe there is a place I can take it to get tested. I am looking for advice on where to go from here. I will gladly send pictures of it, thank you.

I was traveling with my parents when I was younger and came across this very strange object and would like to know what it is and the value


I'm a young writer currently working on writing a novel of my own, but a frequent stumbling block I'm running into is my limited knowledge of archaeology, specifically the cleaning and examination of artifacts. A few of the questions I have are, how would an archaeologist go about cleaning marble that's been sitting in the dirt for over 200 years?  And how would an archaeologist prepare to open a coffin the same age?


i would like to know if anyone knows of a cave somewhere in the Southwest - that contains a Statue of Our Lady?  I was taken there many years ago but have forgotten where it was located. Any help would be greatly appreciated 



I recently found an old spoon wich it has printed on it a date witch I cant clerly see, but it can be two combinations eather 16** or **91, there also is another number that i can bearly see witch makes it *461. Now i can't post pictures here but if there is someone that knows about diferent coltures i'd appreciate it if you could help me solve this mystery. My guess it would be either indian or middle eastern colture, but from 1-10 my knowledge about their culture gets a 2.3! If there is someone that would like to help me i could email you some photos of the spoon.

Thank you in advance.

I recently located an area here in centeral NH that after much reasarch I believe is a lithic site. The area covers many acres and contains boulders that have been worked to resemble animals (mostly turtles, horse heads, elephants). Some boulders and local ledge outcrops have petroglyphs on them. One special item is a large "wheel" stone.  At first glance I thought it was an old mill stone but its surface is entirely covered with petroglyps and what appears to be a form of crude writing. There are a few trees blown over and the root balls contain hunderds of artifacts. These are ax and hammer heads of all types and sizes, scrapers and knifes, points of all sizes and types, hearth goods, sewing items, small animal effigies, stone/bone beads, as well as trinkets, what I need is afermation that it is a site and an approximate age before I make a decision as to what I should do next. Thank you 

We found what appears to be a claw in a pile of rocks from a local stone quarry, we are wondering  what animal it came off of.  Could someone help us to identify it?

My mane is William I live in West Virginia / Virginia area and I have found rocks that look like petrofied bone and some that look like eggs.  Eggs are approx. 4 inches by 3 inches and 2.5 or 3 inches thick.  Inside looks like petrofied yoke.  Bones have "Bone like" shapes and look like petrofied marrow.  Who do I send them to.  I need to continue clearing this area but do not want to distroy any artifacts.  Thank you in advance for your help on this matter.

Hi my name is Kim and I was give a statue by a friend. It looks really old and I would get more information on it he told me it was valuable.

I have a jug that is covered in dirt it has 4 handles and is very ornately incised and looks to be brown but as I wipe away the dirt you can see red and black. It looks like the clay is red with black paint. Id like to send pictures to see if you have any information about this piece. In all of the fune grooves it’s packef with dirt and sand and it doesn’t come off easily and it it easy to see it’s very old.

I have also found what seems to be a bird humanoid skull. Also in the back yard a large rock with the entire skeleton of the bird humanoids with beads on his rist and a few other objects.around his body. Can anyone tell me.who about these fossils. I know that it could change history as we know it.

I have what seems to be a giant bird claw fossil as well as a giant toe bone fossil from a lizzard type prehistoric creature. Then a toe nail. Several teeth. A giant lizzard head and some others. Is they any way someone could point me in the right direction of whom to speak to about the identity and value of them? Thanks! P.S. I have several pics of artifacts and the fossils I can send.

I found this metal piece on the shore line of Lake Maumelle just west of Little Rock, AR in a lost town called Crossroads. It was a small town with a school and some businesses, mainly used for logging the very large forgotten Oak trees that once grew in the mountains surrounding the area. The town was lost to the Flood Prevention Act, and the building of the lake for Tap water. While on the lake metal detecting I found afar back as a 1914 Nickel, but I also found this Metal piece which looks like it once was a necklace. On one side, it look like a Priest standing beside a short pillar with one hand firmly on the pillar and the right hand stretched out to his side surrounded in what looks like a picture frame. Under this is the Date, 1930. On the opposite side of the piece shows _erry CO directly below that L&AA directly below that is the word Declame. I do not know what the first letter is to _ERRY CO there is a chip missing out of the piece. I’m dumb founded on this issue and I’m just looking for answers if you could help me find answers it would be awesome.

Hello, last summer I was metal detecting in a park and dug this bronze/copper item . Am wondering if you could give your opinion if it could possibly be an old spearhead?? It was in the ground point down approximately 8 inches below the surface. If you think it looks like it could be something could you direct me to an outfit the may be able to test it? Is there another way for me to send a photo?

thanks, Bob

Hi, Is this a fossilized human tooth? It looks Very old - fossilized and has what looks like a "dental tartar" ring.
It looks incredibly like pictures of fossilized human teeth I saw on-line.

I found it on Maryland's eastern shore on a beach of the Chesapeake Bay where there were many American Indian settlements and many archaeological digs where arrow heads and many other types of artifacts are found.
I can gladly send pictures.

My father was stationed in Turkey in the USAF in 1956-1958. I was only 1-3 yrs old. He befriended an archaeologist who gave him some copper plates that were dug up around Ankara. He passed in 1981 and they have been at my moms house since. I acquired them as keepsakes and would like to learn more about them. One has an Arabic signature and date of 1142. If you can help me find soMeone that can educate me on the history of these plates. I am in the Atlanta Ga area. Thanks

I have found an stone ax on top of a much bigger rock that has blood on the underside on the James River bluffs on a very high cliff in Williamsburg,Va., One side very weathered than the other side. I need to know who can test for D.N.A. from the stone ax. Thank you, Hunter Of Fine Things.

Hi.i found a chunk of rock in a creek,sliw moving, behind my house . The rock has been determined to be conglomerate.  Recently i started to find fossils of whole sea livi animals. These smalls round stones glimer ans shine like diamonds . Could you tell me if they are

Hello i was wondering how much you would charge to identify or tell me if I have anything worth jumping up and down for in my collection of artifacts arrowheads ancient Stones Celts bannerstone I maybe have 35 I would want you to look at and how would it work I'm not asking for authentication I just want to know if they're worth getting authenticated if they're real not real thank you so much for your time I look forward to hearing from you.

Just also wanted to day it has a crest on both sides and on the front 2 jousting knights. 

Thank you Margaret

I have a chest/trunk that I found at an estate sale ..its beautiful and it says Handmade in Spain by Mades I have pictures..just wondering if its of any value and its orgin..wondering if it was made for some important person on the U.S.A.

I found a rock on a local construction site that appears to have carvings in it. I am an excavator and have been working near the Grand river. I will gladly send a picture if you are interested. If not perhaps you could suggest where I might find more information.

Thank you

Ron Morrison

My friend send me a question about his finding of ancient objects while drilling for water in Sudan,  I need your help

can you contact me Via email.


Hi, I was wondering if you could help me with some info. I am fascinated with ancient Egypt. I have been looking at some shabtis on ebay. There is one that caught my eye. It is blue faince. the feet have been broken off otherwise it seems in good condition. Can you give me some pointers on how to tell if something is a fake? I have read a coa does not necesarily mean something is genuine, but have also read to stay away from someone who cannot provide a coa. Is there a book with tips I could reference? Thank you for any info.



Hello my name is harshal Patil I have an ancient coin I want to know that how old the coin is and of which country the coin is please reply to my mailid as soon as possible

I found a carved eagle head out of rock while arrow hunting can you give me any information on it to thanks

Can someone tell me what these are. I gound them in my back yard. They look pretty, but I font know if they are worth a lot. I also dony know how to show you pictures but ill discribe them. One of them is clear, but when you move it around you can see a rainbow kind of color. It also has what I would discribe as a crack near the center, but it looks like star. The other one looks like a big rock but its clear.

Hi my name is Zake I live in Upstate NY, I purchased a crate of geodes and various other rocks including a Pataski stone that was very large.The question I have is among the rocks I found two small cases, one had a star sapphire a rectangular cut Ruby and what I believe to be a small rune stone with a few characters on it I was wondering if there was a way I could send you a picture to see what your opinion is, most of these were found Midwest to North West states and the woman who I bought them from was probably in her late 60's and said her grandfather found them.I also have a large stone that looks like it was man manipulated to be used as a large hammer or weapon

My husband brought home a rock a couple of years ago that’s look like a huge petrified dinasour egg.  We chucked it off as just a perfect egg shaped stone.  He had it outside. And one day he picked it up and put it in on our porch rail. The cats knocked it off and it chipped in several places.  I’ve brought it in because I really like it and was sad that now its not perfect in shape.   The other day looking at it closer the chipped area reveals a layer of what looks like the shell of an egg and the inside first layer looks white like a petrified egg white.  How do we go about to verify if it’s just a stone or indeed an egg? 

If course he cannot remember where he found it.

Dawn Collins

hey so i relocated a while back from northeast ga to north ga. Always new the history was thick with goldmines and had to have old  items and  artifacts hiding away from people and time! So anyway the last month or so I’ve been looking at the types of rock and stone we’ve been working around. So I’ve found some interesting stuff! Not a cut and dry this is a arrowhead, nope know arrowheads just yet! But I have found what seems to be  sculptures? Now I have one hell of a  imagination so I can spin a rock around enough to the point where it’s a dragon.. lol. But idk? A few of these are  interesting. Would love to hear what you think!! 

I have found a blue triangle shaped rock, the letters on it say: V T T O  9   N  or upside down: N   6   O L L A

Thank you for making this site, -Rebecca

I would like some guidance as to who I can talk to to learn some information about my sword. I found this sword during a trip to England in 1982. It was in a crevice in an old foundation of a home my ancestors built several centurys ago located in Stratford-upon-Avon. There is absolutely no doubt it is real. It was for either a young adult or hands must have been alot smaller when this was made. The blade is still sharp on 2 sides and would easily cut even though it is rusty. I have not thought about this sword in years but for some reason, I have a desire to learn about it now.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have pictures I send upon request.


I have what I believe to be a fossilized native medicine pouch trying to find out how to verify what it is how old where it might be from if it has any importance to anyone if you can help I appreciate it thank you for your time . PS. I do have pictures.

Hello all..  Im new here and have been trying to find some info on this rock My Dad and I found while diging a well.  If anyone could help that would be great.

 I found a few rocks that I see pictures a face in his rocks was hoping maybe you can help me out I want to find out what they mean

It is small so I know it’s not human 

Ive seen & have photos of faces in Stone from the Colorado Rocky region. I wish i could see your photos here, but after decades in the field in Colorado & world traveling,I think, they were  very special like we tresure photographs. people who were related or famous.k 

Found rock think it's native or maybe vikeing hope you can help me out it's like a a Indian Head shape I see aliens in the rock markings 


What did the ancient people's of our planet use fishbones for and the rest of the fish for? I am writing a fantasy book and I am stumped on this topic currently.

it just so happens i know that answer. Fish bone when ground is a good source of Calcium & has an ingredient that aides in digestion.also, soups have been found to of been made via evidence & there is a soup that is made just FROM BONE.its amazeing & pets do well to drink BONE BROTH, it has a ton of Vitamins!( & its a great ancient diet!).

Why do they say this object belongs to before Chirst and that object belongs to after Christ centuries? 

Years ago I acquired a large human-shaped skull fossil. It is the top half of the head only. All the basic  skull markings are visible. I would love to know exactly what it is. Being a rock collector for over 50 years, I have other unusual finds. Most of my rocks came from Montague and Clay Counties of North Texas.

Hi there ,I find this ring and I was wondering if you could tell me anything about it ,it has 925 and also 825,it has as a large stone with a cross it the stone


While hiking in the mountains of Utah I found what I believe to be a whetstone from the Spaniards when they were in here looking for gold and wondered if it was worth anything.

Hello I was helping my father go through his office and we found an old Ivory looking white knife with symbols on it. I asked my dad where this came from and he explained that it was found a while back in Northern California near to where the gold rush occured. This knife is very very cool looking, was halfly submerged in the ground when found. There is a pattern on the knife that looks like the following ll - ll (the middle dash is more of a circular dot). I can email out pictures if you reply to my comment. Interesting though if it really is ivory it must have been traded inland... 

So my friend was working out in napa valley and they were doing construction the the ground was all dug into and my friend found what looks to be a bone in cased in rock it almost looks petrified it even has crystal like designs on it. We have just wondered what we found for the longest time.

In the mid 1980s while living on the North Fork of Long Island in New York I found what I believe is an artifact  while searching for shellfish along the Long Island Sound shore. I would describe it as a stone axe head 5 1/2 inches long, 3 1/2 inches high and 1 1/2 inches thick. It's composition is of  dark brown rock material.  I live in the Daytona area or Florida now. Where can I have this piece evaluated? I do have photos.

I have some items in which I cannot tell if they are replicas or original items. Is there someone in Houston, Texas,that you know of, that can help me with this issue?

I found a green stone that looks like a stone blade with carvings on it.what would this be worth?

Hi my name is todd hart I live in Baltimore county md I have recently been getting into fossil hunting but only a few places around offer any type of fossil places like calvert question is when you dig anywhere like say my back yard it's just dirt then clay..yet wouldent there be teeth or fossils everywhere if you just dig but it seems to be only in some areas that are my question is can you just dig anywhere and find fossils or will is just be dirt dirt and dirt till you hit water...and when I dig in my back yard here in middle river md I have read that most of maryland was a shallow sea and then went back and forth from swamy land to shallow when I dig after a few feet am  I diggong into ancient  times or is the top feet new dirt I can not seem to find to much info on maryland and it's historical fossil sights..usually the sites just talk about the general area like delaware and virgina..but I would think somewhere close like a 5 min drive or less would have some kinda fossils underground...could someone explain why only certain areas have fossils which seem to be off limits and or hard to get too if not impossible it's kind of frustrating lol

Recently I went on my own to find out what it feels like to be one of you guy's n didn't take long before I uncovered eggs n heads n internal organs of appears ancient fossilized rocks that very well could be of what era in time

How can I send pictures of a rock I found to get your opinion?  It looks like quartz and like it's been chipped as if to make tools or arrow heads

I'd like to know what it is... I believe it to be human/"caveman"...

My father in law has passed away and he left me with an authentic family heirloom tomahawk that has been passed down within his family and I wanted to sell it because I have no use for it but I wanted to know from an expert the real worth of this item.. can you point me in the right direction?

I wish to know if you have some experts to evaluate some of some peses i have found .

Alot of thanks in advance and best regards 

Nicely carved/etched head/face on quarter size flat jasper stone. Offering, effigy?? Appears to have flowing hair or head dress.  Fertility? Chief? Southern Louisiana.


i recenty got a oli painting from a preist and i looked it up i need to get someone who is able to tell me about painting from Rembrant i live in indianapolis in please help..

i bought a house in shiawassee county mi. the old owner dug out a 16 feet deep pond in back. i have found what looks like statue of a bird made by flaking on a black rock . also what looks like effigys along with other things. need help identifying them any help will be appreciated.

I found a rock in Mississippi when I was a kid. It looks like a turtle, snake or bird. Can anyone give me a contact that may be able to help figure out what it may be? 

Ok ive looked around on ancient runes and so fare i havent found anything at all like this one maybe somone could help me out on my discvory and give me some noligable info on it  ill send u a pic as soon as u drop me a line thank u

I found a fossil looks like a snake eating a baby bird- like dinosaur. Bird thing has a crest on its head and it really neat two creatures in a 2 inch rock. Looking for a value or what the creature is. I Wish I could submit a photo.

I live on a indian campground 180 acres. I have so many arrowheads and artifacts and dinosaur eggs and i believe jewerly statues i just dont know what is what can someone help me i will send pics of some because i have hundreds and they are of paleo Indians 

Ok once upon a time . My family and I went on a journey from Brandon dad fell sick so we got there asap ! We stayed at my brother in-laws in Edna TX. This was is his first home it a much older house and quit charming as could be expected for its age .fixer upper if you will. Ok so we were just out walking the property and some one said look at this root its cool looking I dug around it and I could not believe what I was looking at even know I have seen some really cool artifacts from this area but this one we found and it was a sing of sorts five me chills to mention any way we have a 25" long X 2" wide at the handel bayonet not sure if you call it that because it also has a handle on it silver in color and is deffenetly old and very cool I have had it for some I don't  no 5 or 6 years  now and I want to clean it and play with it but I just can't for some reason. My father was a collector of any and everything cool, rusty, shiny, dirty, grimy the man had nothing I did not want to pick up, touch or just sit and stare at with wonder. Thank y'all for your time and dedication please help me figure out what I have  here and maybe get it in the right place before  I clean it and mount it on my wall.

I was collecting some sticks and moss when I came across this small almost stumpy looking thing. Thought it looked interesting so I pulled it out of the water and found tiny worms were kinda poking around in it. Initially figured bugs will be bugs maybe they made a home in this cool stick. But then it was like a bright pinkish red on the inside. And it smells pretty bad even after soaking it in clean water and a mild bleach solution(i was really hoping it would be a stick...) I took some pictures I'd post here but dont know how lol

I recently found an arrowhead that is way more strange than the rest .I know nature can make lines on rocks over time, but this really isn't a line. It looks to me like Native Americans somehow epoxied the rock to last this many years. The bottom of the rock is very thin, the middle portion is bulky, and the tip seems to be just a hair off center. I would really appreciate someone looking at it and giving me a second opinion!

Above it says that you cannot comment on artifacts that are no9t found on your digs. Can you steer me in the right direction ? I have a very ancient ivory bangle with strange carvings on it that I can not seem to identify anywhere.

Just trying to figure out what kind of stone this is I think it might be a fossilized bone and how do I send a picture to you guys

I think I may have found a fossilized oyster but not for sure, need help in identifying it

 Is this a Claw print and a mouse head fossilize found in backyard 

I found 2pieces of carved knotted with a serpant and i think a  birdat theother end can you tell me what it is.

I’m 61. When I was 4yrs old, I was digging In an  old dirt floor shed/garage. I pulled a small stick like thing up and on it was a  turquoise ring very dirty. I gave it to my mother. She wore it for years. I now wear it. How can I find out about it. And do you think that stick could have been a finger? Anyway maybe I’m nuts but I want to know something about the ring.  An you help?

I have found, a tiny rock with tiny bones inside it, I’m not sure what they are from, can anyone help me? I found it on a trip too nm, I dug it out, thinking it was an odd rock, then I saw the bones inside it.

I found 2 pieces of gemstones or rocks I looked online and i cant find them or anything like them i need help . How do i send a pic. With this text

i found a eget in MN it has one ring in it and it looks like outline of usa

Egg shaped, appears to be rock, multiple circles, many dot sized pin hole markings. Found in NE MS near 3 arrowheads. Can’t find anything like it on the net. 

I found a cuping stone that's right or left handed in perfect condition Southern Mississippi East of Laurel what's the history and possibly the value?

I found to be a head of a large bird and I also found bird eggs and I also found dinosaur skin still intact on the bone n it's grey with wrinkles and this is the second time I've found this skin on bone that's petrified . Also have eggs believed to be dinosaur n roughly size of footballs can you have a expert help me .

At Nanstein Castle, in Germany, built around the year 1162, I found a piece of jewelry in the courtyard at the top of the castle.  I also found what appears to be a spear head and some cannon balls.  How can I have them checked out?

We found a rock that appears to look like bone and intestine inside. It's very hard and appears to be mixed in with the rocks in that area. We found this in West Texas. Is anyone interested in seeing a picture and giving me there thought on this find. Very cool find.

River stone I found in Virginia very top of a mountain that weighs 30-50 pounds about 1.5 ft x 1.5 ft  recessed about 4 inches in soil on the bottom from time there I'm guessing and it has a perfect letter V carved into the top side this is on privat land with nothing around for miles  confederate paper money has been found on same property not far from it and also indian is their any way to tell me anything about it before i try to locate again and dig?

I found a very old single stone out of place in the Smokie mountain area in virginia while digging for ginseng that had been clearly marked with  a V  on it while on 300 acres of very old private land that has no public access or buildings on or anywhere near it and it was located near the top 1/4 of the mountain and the rock was hurried approx 6 inches deep under ground or approximately  1/3 of its size. There has also been confederate paper money in the walls on old building found and native Indian tools and weapons found in the same property extremely close and less then a 1/2 mile away on multiple different ocasions over the last 10 years . What could it be for??  And iis there anything i need to know beforehand about possible cautions digging or laws in place that I can or can't do? I found no other reported simular cases anywhere and need reliable help asap to find it again before the seasonal land marks I need to find it again change . 

Please help and thank you very much on behalf of everyone you help with you knowlage 

I found a petrified fish. Would you please tell me who you would recommend i contact to have it identified and valued? Thank you

I just want to tell to somebody or to someone who are an arcahelogist who are interested in finding what remains deep down the river of our town that so many houses drown down the river for almost a hundres years it because of a earthquake that sudden drown the houses we have seeing that many houses till now standing beneath the river it was happened on 1920's and since then no one or no ever arcahelogist gone to find out what happened at what remains down beneath the river.. Please send some arcahelogist in our that here in the Philippines in Mindanao... 

Please help me identify an estate sale find figure carved in stone.

I would like help identifying the origin and value of a carved artifact.

Can I send a picture to someone to identify the bones in this rock

Tried to put a pic on it the arrowhead looks like it was made of bone stuck in a rock which I think is part of the pelvic bone

mushroom     have pictures

While deer hunting in SE New Mexico.  My wife stumbled across what looks like a shark tooth to us. Would love some help identifying it please.

I need help identifying what language this is but I cannot attach a picture.

Acouple buddies and I were out riding atv’s and found a carving in the side of a rock face. It looks like an Indian Angel with some sort of hat on, it is very detailed. I would like to find some information out on this or atleast get a good starting point to research it. 

So I was making a mine in my back yard. I want like 5 feet below the surface and found a bone. Anotger one poped up too. And it looked like a dinosour bone. I also want to know how much its worth.

  •  Hello my name is William Prows have located some bones on the Navajo nation and look at it. And even the feeling feels like they’re old please leave me guide me the right decision to keep this you know buried or gander at it thank you very much goodbye Will you people please help me to understand and possibly preserve the bones that I have found

My boyfriend and i collect rocks for our hobby. He found a clear fossil with shell imprints as well as what he believes may be a chunk of graphite or maybe even a meteorite. We need help identifying them if anyone would be so kind as to help us?

In Virginia I found a flat stone devided into 4 parts, each depicting a scene. Part one shows the upper half of a warrior with raised weopen. He is wearing a helmet and mail or heavy tunic. Part two shows a bear, the object of the warriors attention. Thr bear or monster is vicious and has just killed or wounded someone. Part three shows a large head of a bear, and part four cannot be made out. I estimate it to be at least 500 years old. If anyone is interested, I would be happy to email pictures. The 4 parts are divided by a cross that could beTemplar.

Please share photographs of your find, very interested in seeing discovered object, thanks


i would love to see photos of the stones and get any other information you have on them.

Thank you,

Logan Willeck

Recently my little sister found a rock along the coastline of California right by shore and it has these weird engravings and it has a clear piece of some unknown material embedded into the stone. Obviously not naturally created but I was just wondering what this could be.


Hi I have some dug artifacts I believe are paleo tools.  Can you help to identify?

Thanks Kat

My fiance's father and mother found a bone in Nebraska on their vacation while digging for fossils. We have narrowed it down that it is probably a vertebrae of a large mammal. Trying to figure out a little bit more so I can share with my students what kind of animal it could be.

I found a hollow Ivory or bone dagger at a yard sale years ago thinking it was a novelty piece but the more people I have look at it the more I think it may be legit. It has a whole life sorry carved into it from Hilt to tip. I would love to find out what it is and where it originated, can anyone give me any advice I'll be glad to send pics.

I have discovered thousands of carved fish and small animals which beleive are early Maidu. I want to share the site with an expert to further identify their origin and historical value.

I was hiking in a dried out steam bed in Aspen Colorado and found a shard of obsidian and a club looking rock head with a straight groove carved on it. Could these be Indian artifacts?

I have video of the remains with basically explaining where I found fossils and my postulation of so. Would like to share to learn more. 

I have a stone carving of a man in a sitting position with a lizard carved on his back. Wondering about the origins and meaning or purpose.

Good day. I have recently stumbled upon an old knife in the St. John's river, I can't figure out what or where it may be from, it's not a pocket knife, is there someone I can send a picture to to help with identification?

If i was you i would first take it to the police to make sure no one was killed by ginding something like that in the water would made me first check with the police.


I have property in St. Clair county Michigan, I was disking a field and churned up a strange looking rock. It's obviously been chipped into the shape of an spear or axe but does not look like any pictures of spearheads or axes I have found. Perhaps it was not completed.

It's eight inches long and four inches at it's widest point, shaped more like an arrowhead but it's way to large for use as an arrowhead.

But here is what's really intriguing, there appears to be engravings on it, I see a horse with a rider, a bird, a person with something on his/her back and other images I can't make out.

Maybe it's nothing, but can you advise?

Post pictures and I'll be glad to assist you in identifying your find.

I would love to see a picture of it! - I just went to a lecture on Native American history in the northeast going back 12,000 years. The name of the lecturer was Robert Goodby of Franklin Pierce University in New Hampshire. The stone implement you have maybe very old. It is definitely worth having someone have a look at it.

I found a foot rock and have had it about 50 yrs, wondering if I could sent pictures

hello I found a rock that looks like it could be a possible fossil of a piranha or at some type of ancient fish! Can someone tell me how I can get it look up possibly who to send some pictures too or if it's even a fossil at all?

On my first day ever hunting for artifacts at a recently opened state park i found lots of interesting pieces. The main interest though is a permineralization fossil of a bird the size of a penny. I have a few quality detailed pictures i would love to share in order to find out more on this artifact.

I found this round Rock with marble size rock made into it what could it be

I have inherited an artifact.  We were told that it is a digging stone from Lybia.  It was given to my relative in Lybia in 1968.  The stone is shaped like a tear drop and its about 6 in. long and 4 in.

since I can not post the photos on here message me for them, really dying to know if they are man made because if so a new possible discovery of historical importance could be under the ground by my home in Washington State. Would love to hear from experts on pre-colonial hand sized rock drawings.... all stained black onto grey rocks and the edge of the stain is raised up with the original host rock... seriously look like someone drew them and raised the ridge intentionally.... and not any time recently...

Dominic, I am not an archaeologist, but I have been finding similar to what you have described.. I would be happy to share photos of my finds and tell you what I have learned in regards to this- first off, i have found in my experience of trying to obtain information, the rocks I have are  not widely accepted- yet I do have some examples that bear strong evidence of being altered and they also bear witness to their cultural belief and practices.

Dominic and Tonya, I am extremely interested in your finds. I live in SW Washington and have been doing my own research on artifacts I started running across a few years back. Although the vast majority of what I have found is not verified or confirmed, I believe it to be due to lack of precedence. I have spoken at length with numerous professionals around the country and locally and have gotten enough of my finds validated to confirm what I’m finding is significant to our understanding of Washington state history. I am not a professional but have studied at length and in depth on all subject pertaining to early habitation of the PNW. I have found confirmed stone and bone artifacts and am always looking to find similar objects in other people’s collections to help corroborate my evolving theory. Would love to share all I’ve learned !!!!!!!!

My name is Elvis. I am currently 24. I just wanted to ask: what is the stepping stone to becoming an archeologist. what schools are affordable for someone like myself who doesn't make a lot. I did get my HS diploma and i got a starter hvac (international) license. but that's not what i wanted to do. i wanted to be either an english teacher or archeologists. i feel like i have to make that move in my life to pursue that but i dont know who what why or how. i'll highly appreciate a response as soon as possible :) thanks for reading.

I found a rock that looks to be a human heart. How can I send photos to someone who can tell me if it is?

how do i send you a picture

Here in Mississippi I have found a ton of Native American stone tools. Today I found my first full grooved axe head. I’m trying to find out if this thing was a ceremonial piece or just a rarity. I’ve looked all over the internet and YouTube but can’t find an example of grooved axe anywhere near this size. It weighs about 40 pounds, it’s 17 inches long and I believe it’s made from hard greenstone. I’m 6’2 and weigh about 180 pounds, depending on what I ate for breakfast, I cannot imagine the weight of this axe with a wooden handle fixed to it. 

I found a skull, small.  It has sharp points on the top?  Im in NC . Could I send a pic and someone help me identify?  I've searched the internet with no answers.

I have inherited a very large rock of sorts. It is very hard and very heavy. About 1.5 feet tall, 1 foot deep and 2 feet wide. My uncle kept it for years but never told me where or how he got it. I live in South Dakota but I can't say for sure that's where it came from. It has a few large lines thru it but is very clear (able to read a newspaper thru it). It's edges are very sharp. I'd say it's around 200 pounds but I've never had it weighed. The bottom of it appears to look "bubbled". I have had it for a few years now and am desperate to identify it. I know it's not the best photo and I can send more. I would really appreciate any information you could give. Thank you.


I look forward to hearing from you,



I have a very old myan pipe that i would like some info on

What are the most common things that you find at sites? Like, are there a lot of random things that somehow got lost among the artifacts?

I have a stone (several) that make reference to them I’ve found on line and would like to share some pictures to show...

I found 3 pieces of apple sized material in a crop field. It looks like a bluish water colored glass with cratered rock formations on some sides.

Hello.  I was wading in a creek and found a bone (I think) with a hole in it.  It looks like a pendant.  Can I send a photo?

I have a very old stone necklace that has intricate carving in it, after looking at it with a pair of magnifying glasses could not believe the outstanding craftsmanship. It could have even been carved out of a meteor.

I bought some rocks from an auction last week and all the rocks were identified on what country they were from except two.  I know they are from some part of Asia or Europe.  All the other rocks on they tray were from Afghanistan,  Vietnam and Morrocco.  I am doing a rock colection form my 10 year old grandson and I would love to put  the correct country where they are from.

Brass sculpture has been in family for over 120 years. Prehistoric Indian from what ive researched. No one can tell me what it is. When you take pic with camera flash on. You see numbers letters. Pics explains befinning of creation till end of time. Somewhat scary. . no one can figure out what it is. Also looks like jewery gems gold are inside. Greek with names in gold. E3. 5. 2048. 02/55/9. Thats all i can pic uo on. Also Z A J. Pleaae help. Thank you

A giant sea horse and a wooly mammoth and some kind of huge fish. Teeth and a giant cat. I think it might be a,trex breeding ground. But not sure . What is the next step I should take?

Have found what looks like fossilised excrement, lots of nuggets found. Is there anyone who I can take these to who can verifty this or not? I can send a photo in the first instance?

How do I go about finding out if my fossil is woth anything? Where can I send pictures of it?

Hi av found a rock in my garden dug it up it has clear christals inside i can not open rock as it is solid a need help identifing it or see if its worth anything please help 

need to know who i can talk to about something that looks like a rook with something that looks like a footprint on it

Last night I was digging into the garden rather deep, and I came across a rock that was flat. I didn’t want to toss it to the side because it had an interesting shape to it. Well, I cleaned it off with the hose and it seems to be a foot print of some sort with veins. It looks like there is remains of blood cells maybe. I’m not sure what to do. I would love to see what this might be. I’m not sure who it bring it to. If you have any insight or can help me I would appreciate it. Thank you.

I found a brown hard shell rock with a semi-hard clay interior.

What do you think

I have been going to a creek with lots of mineral deposits it is so rich in minerals u can see silver and gold  flakes on everything I have found two arrow heads one is red and white colored one is black the metal object is shaped sorda like an arrow head but it is silver colored and u can see stone inside is this a possible artifact or weapon I can send photos. 

I have a tooth that I can't identify or even if its a tooth its from the river I live in sorel Tracy Quebec Canada and I found it while fishing can you get back to me an I'll be happy to attach photos there's flesh on the bone still thanks tasha 

Found an odd piece of obsidian with what appears to be stick figure type drawing

a couple years ago i found a creek stone, about as big as a softball.. it is verry smooth but had a curious hole in the side which has wood in it! it doesnt appear to have been chisled out,, rather it appears the rock grew around the wood.. the wood doesnt appear to be petrified,, you can feel it, its still wood, and over the last couple years its starting to dry out and shrink a little..ant thoughts? i think i might wet the wood so it doesnt decompose too much

I was digging a whole in my backyard and found a bag burried deep, i opened it found some rocks that look like quartz. I need help identifying them, the fact that they were burried so deep makes me wonder therr value!

A few years ago i found a piece of metal shaped like a fish and when i magnify it, i see hundreds of faces all over it that you cannot see with the naked eye. It was found  buried in the shoreline of shasta lake near the mccloud arm, near lakehead, ca.

Hello, can you kindly send pictures of your findings?

 Down stone or clay artifact under  over 100 year old pine tree in the ground under the roots at least 6 feet in the ground can you suggest where we can have it researched to see what it is

Found rock with interesting figure on it want to know if it is something worth looking into would like to send phito

I Found A Very Old Goat carved out of stone in the woods behind my house before the cornfield and I contacted in archaeologists and he said according to the base to Goat stands on it could be around a hundred years old but he's not sure and I did some research and it said the Indians made him anywhere around lakes rivers or cornfields and I have all that can anybody tell me about this stoned goat and you can tell it's very old because of the watermarks and a little bit of damage to the nose but the horns there the Tails there the bodies there and PS I have roamed these Woods for 18 years and this was sitting along the side of the path and it must have come up from the constant rain

I have a large collection of arrowheads and one of them is a clear purple colored point that I’m not sure what it’s made of or it’s value. I have a huge selection of them around this country.


Just a suggestion- this point might be made from glass. Ive seen them crafted from thicker pieces of glass, especially square whiskey bottles.  As glass ages and if its exposed to sunlight, especially over a hundred years, it takes on a purple hue. just a thought.

so,under my stairway in the backyard theres a whole bunch of rocks,i was looking around under there and saw this weird looking thingy and grabbed it,it looked like a tooth like it was like thee tip of a unicorn horn thingy ,i found another one,it was like a cup with bumpes around it,idk what it is,From,Olivial

Before I describe the item further I’d like to explain where it was found. As a kid I really wanted to be an archaeologist so I would dig in our backyard all the time, I’d find arrowheads all the time. I’m from Upstate NY and the land in which this was found on was farmland. It was buried pretty deep more then a foot and found near the tree line where farmers would dump their junk sometimes. So the item in question is a solid flat lead square about 3/4 of an inch thick with slightly rounded edges. The square itself is about 4”x4.5” with two slits about 1/2” in from both sides elongated. The slits go through entirely and at first glance the piece looks like it could have been a belt buckle. Years ago I brought the item to a historian and she said she doubts it was a belt buckle because it would be too heavy being that it’s solid lead. At one point I thought maybe it could be a counterweight but it’s just not large enough. I know this is a long shot but I’ve had it for almost 25yrs and I just gotta know what it is.


My family found 4 items on their land in California and we are wanting to see if we can get a tribe affiliation identified and/or a general historical identification of the following items;

- Large mortar and pestle set, stone ware

- Possibly Spanish horse bridle decoration circa 1500s-1600s

- 7 inch, intact, obsidian spear head

Please send a private message for fruther communication and I will gladly provide pictures.

Kindest regards,


My friend found 2 x stone heads in a river in Virginia roughly 14 years ago. They look like Native Indian scultpures but we are not to sure. The heads are quite warn, if you get in touch i can send you some pictures. 

Thank You

Honourable Sir/Madam,

I have an artifacts looks like goddess of fertility.

Made of stone. I want to gather more information about it.

I shall be very thankful if you guide me.

Thank you

<p>I bought a jade figurine from a gent who told me it was part of a discovery found near or on an Air Force base. It is about 3 inches long and has a hole in it (to hang?). It is a humanoid form. Would love to send a photo. I just really want to know if it&rsquo;s as old as he said (3500 BC). Thanks</p>

I have a heavy boulder approx: 70 lbs. most definitely over 50 lbs, and approx: 1.5 ft tall. Kept as a family treasure, but it has never been investigated, and I would like to know what it truly is. 

My son found a barbed tooth under an eagles nest in Wisconsin and we can't find out what it is from. I can send a picture.


Curious about the origin of the carved stone found. Can’t find an option to upload a photo. It’s light green in color, maybe 8” long. The entire stone is shaped almost like a paddle, but made to be a bird. It looks Native American to me, but I don’t know what it would be for. It has a hole through it as if meant to be strung on rope. 

Hello I found a strange piece of what looks like white ceramic on one side, grey on the other side. Has a date stamped into it "JAN 6 1965"  doesn't look like typical ceramic as it has some type of silver fibers in the material. About 6"x4" piece not quite flat. Thankswas found on Charlestown beach, Rhode island (east coast usa) please help

Along the shore of the Canadian side of lake Erie,  near Port Colburne, Ontario, I found a a small rock. It' about the size of a nickel. On the rock is a raised,  black outline of a hand. Any thoughts? Would like to send a picture. 

There are FIVE (i believe!) in one town in Massachusetts!!! Would love to see pics of yours. I can show you the ones I know of!!

I found it in gravel switch, Kentucky. In the creek . It has a notch in one side  looks like it was carved in the rock and the rock is shaped perfect for a tomahawk 


The Maize God, King Pakal of Palenque
I am wondering if you can help me in identifying an artefact that I have in my possession.
I bought this item in a second hand shop (we call them op-shops) here in Melbourne Australia.  I do believe that the item either originated from Central or South America.  I’m not sure if it is an original item or may well be a replica but either way I would like to know of its origins, any details that you could shed on the item please.

Found this unusual ROCK. Took it home and was washing my findingswheni 

Noticed this looked like a head. Upon further investigating

It looked more n more like a animal that had its throat cut

And I think y'all should havealook


found rocks in a cave in mexico, seems like they were once used for neckless,diferent colors, sizes , where should i bring to check value? 

My husband found this shell like thing and fossilized rib cage sticking up from the bottom of creek roughly 20 ft deep. He was hiking the creek when it wasn’t at such an incline as he kept going forward the creek get deeper like a small canyon. This was roughly ten years ago and I can’t seem to add pictures here. I’m hoping to convince him to go again to confirm it’s still there but it’s mostly farm land surrounding the creek and lots of poison oak. This is located in arroyo grande valley of California in the arroyo grande creek bed. We don’t want anything out of this we just want someone to know it’s there and maybe have a new discovery for California. The shell is hollow and very thick the top had broken way and fell to the bottom and fossilized to it. The shell is fossilized or stuck connected to the earth somehow there next to it lays what looks like a rib cage sticky up from the ground but rock looking between the cage. Both are covered in moss and surround by poison oak. I’ve emailed a few people and showed the photos to another local who is a local former archeo monitor who concurred that I should reach out to whom ever may listen. Thank you! 

Hey I found this ring looks to be vintage 

He apppears to be the color green he has a broken arm and one hand resting on his chest i dont know what to do with this and i have not found anything about it after re search what should i do?

hi. This sounds to me like a common statue of Saint Francis of Asissi, the patron Saint of animals snd protector of animals.  I have one as well as do many animal and wildlife enthusiasts. It is a very common statue found in most garden centers and concrete statue stores or many homegood stores. Even walmart n home depot n lowes usually carry it and he always is holding a little bird and often at his feet will be a rabbit or squirrel. . Thats still neat u found it. U can always put it somewhere in garden or leave in ground if too fragile to remain intact but please dont throw away. Hope this was of some help. :) 

Bought these at from a clenaout specialist in Maryland a few years ago. Anyone guess anything about them. Surface texture suggests wear since the time they were carved.

how do i submit a pic of rock for identification

I found recently what looks to be a rock schulpter with animals and vey straight lines sculptured out of a gray concrete with many faces 2inches by about 8inches I would love for you to identify if possible for me. Thank you Tammy

The AIA does not comment on artifacts (or images of artifacts) that are not from excavated contexts. You might try checking with a local museum or historical society.

Maybe this isn't the right place for this.

We know Neanderthals existed and there were quite a few of them as their remains are scattered over Europe and Asia.

With the likelihood there were a great number of Neanderthals, but only a relative few that left Africa, I am curious about the Neanderthals that didn't immigrate.

Where in Africa did they originate? Are there archeological remains in Africa? With all the cross breeding during the early process of species formation, why wouldn't at least that DNA show up in modern Africans?

Information on the internet says Neanderthals were documented in Europe from about 400,000 years ago to around 40,000 years ago with a number of archeological remains spanning that time.

Modern man has been documented in Europe for at least 30,000 years and earlier-later to allow overlap with Neanderthals. Modern man does not resemble his 30,000 year old ancestor and was in the process of creating subspecies during this "short" time.

400,000 years! Was there evidence of significant evolution for Neanderthals during this time? Not just in one area but from say China or Russia compared to Europe?

I have a small pair of 3 toed child feet.approx. 165,000,000 yrs old. Seriously. I want to sell them, plus I have many more great fossils for sale.

I have collected a vast variety of fossils from all across the US (OR to NY).

I have one been able to ID Atrypa Reticularis fossils, which I have over 25 of.. I am unsure of whether to remove them from the matrix... or leave as is... and who would they be of interest to?

I also have tons of unidentified gemstones, and rocks, which could possibly be pretty substantial.

I understand all the basics of rock and fossil ID'ing, but am not one by trade. I would love for someone to come take a trip to my home and have a look! You will NOT regret it. Thanks!


We recently moved into an old house in Chicago. The home was built in 1908. While trimming g some ivy from our garage we noticed there was beautiful terra-cotta detail along the brick. We kept trimming and realized it lead to a beautiful bust of what appears to be a king. Happy to send pictures to help identify who the bust is of. There is also some amazing terra-cotta inside the garage brick wall. 

Hi I had found a black rock witch is out of place on daytona Beach

And hadnt found anything on the internet yet and was just curious if I could send a photo of this

without a picture i cant tell gor sure but i know whwn i vacation annually further south on the East coast of Florida near Palm beach countyblack tar is sometimes a problen and there will be black rock looking clumps of it sometimes with tiny gravel sand or pebbles in it. It can be a nuisance as it can get on your skin and be hard to remove. Not sure if this is what your black rock is without seeing  picture of it tho. 

Recently I was swimming at Donner Lake, Ca. with my granddaughter. We were swimming from rock to rock and landed on one that was underwater, but close to the surface. We both were amazed to see different carvings of animal like figures. One looked like a bird with an open mouth with wings and a fish tail. The day before we had viewed some petroglyphs in the area from the Martin (?) era (500 AD), but these we saw in the water were unlike the petroglyphs which seemed more rudimentary. Do you think we discovered something relevant?

We were trying to identify a partial animal skeleton we found on the beach in Florida. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to upload a photo here or not. Let me know if there is a place to upload a photo. Thanks

It’s heavy. Covered in detioration and black rust. Made from bronze hand sculpted I’m assuming. No names or marking on it. Located in Colorado.

Hello, a few days ago I was swiming at a beach in Southern California called Malibu. As I was swiming I was also searching for cool rocks. I was pleasantly surprised when I found one that looks like it was carved. I have a feeling that it might be really old, and think it might be related to the indigenous people who lived in that area before. I see a figure a woman, please let me know if this is something important thank you!! 

Found an old piece of rock with hieroglyphics on them and I am curious to know the authenticity of them.

I have been looking for answers also, I to found a rock out of place it was a large river rock aprox 30- 50 pounds located near the top of a mountain in virginia on 300 private acres last Saturday while digging for ginseng right next to it while digging I bumped the moss covers stone and uncovers what a perfect V carved into it that is deffenitly man made and on this same land on a flat at the bottom of this exact mountain was a real old home that was taken down about 5 years ago and in the walls where a large amount of paper confederate cash stashed in the walls and less the a year ago and same area about 50 yards away my uncle found an old tomahawk in the dirt in great condition so while there we are always finding arrow heads and confederate buttons and thins with metal detectors so im excited about this stone thats obviously marking somthing very recent but have found almost no record of what it could possibly be marking anywhere but 1 thing i came across by chance looking into histoy in this area it was about burial for soldiers and the rival war I found a reference about hundreds of soldiers they don't know where the burial sites are and speculation of them on private land and most likely all markings lost if made from wood but it also said that it was possible that head stone could be a stone looking out of place with a mark or more likely from weather that too would wear off of it so if what you have is simular or if you have found any info about it please help , and could you please describe the location found and what the markings look like what state anything to get more understanding of the history in the area you know of like I did would be needed to know what to look for its hard to speculate being so vague and no details . Thanks for posting hope what i shared helps and i would love to here the progress of anything you find I am recently hooked on history and things like this found everywhere as of late posts on line . Ty and his bless

several years ago while building Wolf Lodge in the Poconos they uncovered an Indian reservation. I’ve never been able to find out any information on it, I’d like more information if you have it.


Hello, I'm Leah. My father recently passed in April, and in going through his things I found this beautiful, world 3" black arrowhead. My father was 8 days short of his 85th bday. He was a lifelong collector: coins, fossils, rocks, bottles, you name it! I just have no way of knowing if it's real or not. Also I found a fossilized camel's tooth? There is fossilized dinosaur poop even! And Petrified wood. There are rounded hand tools and  more! How do I get them authenticatid.

so I found a thing on the river that’s unidentifiable.. it’s about 3 inches long, a 1/4 inch thick and is perfectly rounded in a cylinder form as a small pencil that’s perfectly rounded on both ends. It’s made of stone from what we can tell... i cantake a picture of it and send it in to show someone but I can’t figure out how to do it in this ...please respond and I can send a. Pic via email...thank you so much

Found a small 3-4 inch metal object in my garden. Looks as though it could be a tool or small weapon. I would love to attach a picture to show you, how do I go about doing so? 

My husband found a box with the an ancient statue, bowls, and bird statue. Would like to know if they are from a tribe? When I saw these items I immediately thought they belong in a museum. How can I attached the photos for the items? 

I found an black egg shaped Rock coming out of Side of the Mountain just like the ones in China out of the egg-laying Mountain identical

Need to send you a picture of arrowhead

Took a trip to visit family in Massachusetts we went to scussett beach by the cape and my daughter picked up a rock because she said it looks like a giant sharks tooth and wanted to keep it... now thinking about it... it is kind of a perfectly shaped triangle what do you guys think? 

We found a petrified foot in a thin leather looking material.

You can see the shape of the toes and part of leathery tip has fell of revealing the toes.

Found in East Texas.

We need to find someone that can help identify the remains.

I would like to know how far back these stone head artifacts date til, that were found on my significant other's mother land in Tepic, Nyarit Mexico? He has had them since "1979." given to him by his mom, who still resides there til this given day.

I have found a mother load of effigies and Indian stone tools...who do I contact?

hi Nicole. Whet state and region/area did you find the indian tools as that would be useful to suggest who in what area or state would be able to assist you. 

How do I send pictures

I belong to a group of people interested in all things jade related. One of our members located an artifact which supposedly came from central Ca coast. Have there been other jade artifacts found in California? Was there a prehistoric cultural use for jade in California? Where can I get more information on this topic.There is a lot of jade in California but I have never heard about it's use by prehistoric people and would like more information on this topic. I hope you can give me some direction. Thank you very much.




The rock I found is shaped and sharp. It looks like a table rock arrowhead. But I'm no expert. How can I tell without taking it to someone

We recently inherited a possible Roman artifact from my in laws. Back in 1963, my in laws had just gotten married and were visiting my mother in law's family in Sicily. As a wedding gift, her family gave them a clay piece carved with a face roughly the size of a hand. Apparently the piece had been passed down for generations. My in laws claimed it was real and was thousands of years old. I know a lot of fakes, especially Roman, are out there. But I am interested to know if this truly is one or it is real. I don't think it would be worth much because my father in law broke it nearly in half years ago during moving and glued it back together. I am sure a sample would need to be collected to test. Where in the South (Mississippi, Alabama, Florida areas) can we take this to have it tested for authenticity?

It is a very large,  almost as big as my hand , half inch thick limestone oddly VERY symetrical for a coinsidental formation ,  Frio type atlatl dart point ... If you can explain to me how to post pictures of it here, you might find it amusing, if nothing else ! :)

Sorry ! Have pics, but don't know how to post here :( 


OK, so, my brother found this in the bed of the Dry Frio River ( 25ish miles north of Uvalde,Tx) about 5 yrs ago ... He thinks it was a , ( perhaps really young ) Indian novice , playing at making an arrow head, but my oldest brother disagrees and thinks it is just a coincidental formation out of honey comb rock .... Any thoughts about it here ?

i found a red stone with dove carved in it. It was found with a few arrowheads. I thought was a ruby shaped like a diamond. 

I was recently out hiking with the family when we came across a decent size Creek that cut through the forest and the kids and i skipping rocks across the creek when I stumbled upon a rock that was slightly bigger than an American quarter and almost perfectly circular. What might it be? It almost looks to perfect to have been done naturally, so it has been on my mind as to what it was since I discovered it. I would like to show a picture of it but I can't seem to find where I can do that on here. Thanks

Found this rock with a square carved out in the middle than a ring around the square. At the bottom they connect as if to drain something. My area is known for it's native American past. Have been finding many strange rocks on my farm with weird groves and almost strange writing.

I have a few rocks that are silver and platinum in color some even have a gold color in them.the rocks are  extremely shiny from the inside.what i need is for someone to identify what the rock are made of.i have no problems sending a sample to one of the team experts just need an address where to mail the sample to.


Archaeologists deal with human artifacts and remains- What you need is a Geologist (:

Someone local found a stone object in a sand bank in the Brandywine River in southeastern pa. Who would you recommend he take it to to find out if it is a tool or natural and how old it might be? 

Attached is a photo of an unusual rock formation we call FACE ROCK.  It is most likely "natural", however, depending on the light and weather, it has 7 distinct faces.  When it is covered in snow, Richard Nixon is clearly pictured.  This rock formation is in Colorado.  Any chance you have seen something similar?

It is white in colour and I want check does it real or what the stone worth.

I found what seems to be an ancient rock with a face carved on to it. I have pictures and would like more information on it if anyone can help me with that! Thank you. 

how common are boat stones in north west Georgia? 

Yes hi i was at a river today picking rocks and i found a tiny mushroom that is petrfied or something it is rock hard and looks like a mushroom i can send pictures. I really want to know whait is i have never seen anything like it. Thank you 

My daughter found this rock on the beach full of sparkly clear cluster.

ease advice if this is something that could be worth anything 


I have come across an acient egiption artifact. I believe this peice belons in museum

My girlfriend has a house in Coachella area and inbeded in the walls all around the house are different types of rocks. Unusual i thought but its been somewhat of becoming a problem. You see we have been noticing rocks being digged out of the wall. People actually coming and stealing the rocks. Who does that? Its gotten to the point were we had to put cameras up and a few times they've even went to the extreme and cut the power. We had police come out a fe times. So is there something of value that we just dont know or is it that bad of neighborhood and the people gone crazy do to the heat. Please help maybe guide us to someone whocan whocwho can help us out.

I have an ancient multi-tool found in Texas that is made out of rock, 5 1/4 inches long, 2 1/4 inches tall, and 1 1/4 thick at the palm grip.  It is biforcated on one end and chipped on the other for breaking.  It appears they were using it to cut, scrape, and break things with it.  All in one tool. But very very old. I would like to have it examined and would gladly let someone pick it up to see when and where it came from.

Grandma found this weird heavyish coin with greek writing in a local river canal. I’d love to send a photo and find out if it’s worth anything. 

I found this statue in Highland California. It looks to be carved out of sandstone. The statue looks like a monk holding some kind of bird. Found it digging up my back for a gardening project about 21 years ago

this is probably a statue of St. Francis

On June 22, I arrived at Sebastian Inlet for a weekend getaway. I decided to go to the ocean side of the island, north of a jetty; approximately 27.862°, -80.447°. 

I was scooping up shells with my hands when I noticed an interesting artifact among the rather common ocean debris.  I believe this object to be a piece of petrified wood.  What is interesting to me; it appears to have been part of a sunken ship!

I was on vaca in New Mexico.There was this rock with this face carved in it. I dont know if its new or old. But it is odd. 

Hi there, I have found a rock at the beach, it has heaps of small weird patterns on it. It also has a weird kinda goats looking eye on it. Can you please help me understand what it is?

My dad brought a stone from a lake, a stone that looks like a fish. Theres a tail, mouth that is a bird shape and a tail of a fish and an eye. Only 1 eye on 1 side. I can give pictures if you wany. I want to know if i can sell it or is it an artifact? 

​​​​​​​i would like to no about a fossil I found

I inherited a very large fossil along with many other smaller ones. Also a very large black volcanic glass which was carved into a beautiful piece. It is approximately 3 feet tall by 1.5 feet round. I would like to send you a picture of them but not sure how. I’d like to know if these pieces can be displayed outside. They have been indoors for many years. 

I have a rock that was given to me by my grand parent that may have been found at a rock quarry.  It is in the shape of a figure 8, fairly smooth but on one side of the half circle there appears to be a grove as if it was worked or possible used for grinding spices or minerals. Would like to send pictures to see if this has any history.

I have a pitcher it appears to be very old.  It appears to be made from a dirt or clay.  How can I find out how old it is or if it's of any value 

Approximately 2 feet tall--

i have a carved purple stone that my granmother dug up. its over a hunred years old. its a caved dog. she dug it up in oklahoma.  i have always wondered if it has anyvalue

Please help identify this specimen. Husband thinks it is a dinosaur egg it is about 5x4 and shaped like a turtle shell. Has small shiny particles like mica? 
Can't attach pictures

Who would be able to help me evaluate a small carved architectural piece from a German Archelogical dig in Leon, Nicaragua.  The piece is over 600 years old and has been in the family since I was two (1956). 

I love anything old and history. I pick up anything that looks old. I found this little lead figurine, about 20+ years ago. I thought it was a wax stamp, but instead of a seal, it looks like pizza slices. It is about an inch tall and resembles a genie. I don't know if it is old or even what it is. I have tried to research it, with no luck. There is no kind of writing on it.

I found something washed ashore from the gulf of mexico, near Galveston texas. That has been trouble to identify. Any and all information/knowledge is appreciated. Even extra ... the material is almost soft like lessonsdense then common wood etc.. but still dense.. extremely light weight.. nearly resembles the substance of a wine courk.. any insight? Thank you 

I found what appeared to be a foot print along the texas mexico border. I need help identifying if it is in fact .

Who would I contact to both verify and report a find . I have found several peaces of stone ground tools and art works I believe to be Palieo. Location of this find is approx. 1 hour south of St Louis Mo.

We have a farm in West Virginia that has what has been identified as 2- 3 acres of Adena Indian rock piles There is an on line video produced by a local newspaper you may access &nbsp;on You Tube by keying &ldquo;Weird West VIRginia Rock Piles&rdquo; now we have found a rock covered with what we have been told are turkeys track marks. Do you have any information on the Adena rock pile builders? And turkey tracks?

So today I was walking on the beach and I found something that looked like it was coral so I piked it up. When I got home I started to look at it and noticed that it looked like a jaw bone and there was one in grown tooth.

I have found what i think is an African mask, i found it hanging on a fence at a nearby bus stop. Its made out of wood. its about 3 ft tall. Its made out of wood. Its a narrow oval face, with white as the base and black painting for the eyes, nose, and head. It carved out holes for the pupils. I would like to know the culture and origin of this artifact 

Hi, I found an very, very smoothed over obsidian arrowhead (with point shape, and side notches) but with no knapping save the basic 'arrowhead' shape. It is not a piece of obsidian that was knapped down into a smaller piece, but instead is a very thin, flat 'section' of obsidian whose sharp edges, it seems, were utilized instead of further shaping. If this piece had been knapped any further it would have immediately broken, it's that thin. Does this make sense?? Thanks!

I live in Apalachin New York, just outside of Binghamton. Recently I have found 3 fossils just outside in the yard. I've always been interested and fascinated with the subject of archaeology. I never thought it would be so easy to find fossils just sitting outside especially so many one after another. They have shells on them and some ancient sea creatures I don't know much about them. Can you tell me how rare a find like this is. I appreciate any knowledge you can share. Thank you

In Tucson Arizona 

Hi so a couple of days ago I almost stepped on a baby rattlesnake. This was like 4 days ago I've been looking for rocks outside of the yard of the men's house that I stay in but ever since that day I can't get snakes out of my head and all of a sudden while I'm doing some rock searching I start seeing snakes I see nothing but snakeheads in rock formations. At first I'm thinking oh my God it's a real snake but then noticed it's a rock so I'm like it's a sign it's my spirit animal so I did my research n found shrines 

Also I painted some of the pictures to bring them out.

Who can you get to verify pre columbian Egyptian Rock Art?

I found dome and triangle shaped holes in an old room's wall. They are not windows because they are only opened from the inside. A soccer ball can fit in them but nothing really bigger and there is about 2 on each wall. Do these holes represent anything?


I have what i was told to be a very old japanese coin of some kind and i can't seem to get any help on what the marking's say and how old it is and of corse is it worth anything. please let me know who i can talk to or to send pictrues.

I found what look to be fossils of shells and perhaps coral. I will leave pictures below. Thank you in advance!


Trying to figure out what this is. It's about 6 inches tall, has five faces, and has a probing hole in the bottom, and no one knows where it came from.  It was saved from an old grocery store that was going to be torn down that my grandparents owned.  It sat on a shelf up top since my mother's childhood and she liked it and insisted it not be thrown out.  It has shell, or pearl in it, I assume, due to it's slight luster.  The only thing I've found similar to it was mayan, but i've never seen the same exact faces as what is on this.

I have inherited three sets of two pieces of what appears to be three different types of petrified wood. A couple of the pieces appear to have some type of red/auburn specles. From the research I have done, they might be three different kinds of wood; pine, juniper, and cypress. They were inherited from a man who was a leading paelentologist, geaneologist, and had degrees of MS, MA, and Doctor of Divinity, and affiliated with William Albright. I'm not sure where to have someone look at these, as there is other information surrounding these pieces that bring more questions and suspicions as to what they may be. I would greatly appreciate any information, leads, or more importantly some to look at these and discuss what they may be from. I apologize for having trouble pasting a picture here, but would be happy to forward them on. Thank you for your assistance. 


in my previous comment, i believe i said the stone tools that were found in Oklahoma, but was in formed it was in South America.



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