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Health, Wealth, and Death in Mesopotamia: Investigating Identity in the Nimrud Queens’ Tombs

February 27, 2020 @ 7:00 pm EST

Georgia State University, Room TBA
Atlanta, GA 30302 United States

AIA Society: Atlanta

Lecturer: Tracy L. Spurrier

At the end of the 1980’s, the discovery of the Neo-Assyrian Queens’ tombs at Nimrud in northern Iraq was one of the most fantastic archaeological finds of the late 20th century. Burials originally containing at least half a dozen royal women interred with extravagant grave goods rivaling those of King Tutankhamun in Egypt had been left untouched for over two and a half millennia. Despite the wealth of gold, elite goods, tombs, coffins, and skeletons – archaeological finds usually adored by the public – much of the fame that the queens should have received was overshadowed by the onset of the Gulf War. Within the tombs, which date from approximately 900-700 BC, there is evidence for 7 queens being present though only 5 mostly intact female skeletons have been found. By studying the burial context of the women in the Nimrud tombs, we can try to individualize each of them and see them as the person they were in life, not merely define them by their title as the King’s Palace Lady. Each woman was placed within the tomb complex in a different manner, e.g. some in stone sarcophagi in vaulted chambers and others in bronze coffins in hallways, and they were given unique funerary objects. With those queens whose names we know, each was identified by a distinctive artifact such as a gold bowl, necklace, tablet, sarcophagus lid, and mirror. Along with the grave goods, the analysis of the skeletal remains offers even more insight into the lives of these individuals documenting their physical status as well as diseases, disorders, and traumas they may have suffered. Through an analysis of their burials, we can attempt to reconstruct the lives, and deaths, of these important women.

Matson Lecture

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February 27, 2020
7:00 pm EST
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John Black


Georgia State University, Room TBA
Atlanta, GA 30302 United States
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