Traveling Museum of Oregon Prehistory
Sponsored by Champoeg State Park
Saturday, October 20, 2012

Champoeg State Park Heritage Center
7679 Chamoeg Road NE
Saint Paul, OR 97139
United States

Who: Dr. Leland Gilsen, retired archaeologist with State of Oregon.
What: National Archaeology Day with the Traveling Museum of Oregon Prehistory consisting of replica and reproduction artifact exhibits covering 14,000 years of Oregon cultures. Oregon includes the edges of NW Coast, Columbia Plateau, Inter-Mountain, Great Basin, and California cultural areas and ecological zones. The exhibits are a small sample of the range of technologies developed by ancient people to help them live and thrive. The museum has 50 1x2 foot boards with artifacts, photos, drawings and text as well as many loose items such as a Kalapuya bow, arrows, dart throwers (atlatls) and darts, bow drills, hammers, and other items. He will demonstrate some of the items and answer your questions.

Contact Information
Daniel Klug
503-678-1251 ext 222


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