Random Acts of Archaeology
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Saturday, October 20, 2012

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Random Acts of Archaeology

National Archaeology Day in Kentucky

October 20, 2012

The potential for archaeology is everywhere in Kentucky and at any given time projects are underway across the state.  We know this.  Our colleagues know this.  But most everyone else doesn't know this.

Often, people think only of foreign places when they hear the term "archaeology." Myths are pervasive about archaeology in general, and about Kentucky archaeology in particular, despite the new social studies textbooks, updated curricula, magazine articles, and specials on KET.

It’s up to Kentucky’s professional and amateur archaeologists to bust those myths. Preserving and protecting Kentucky’s heritage depends in part on better publicizing what archaeology is and how it has informed our understanding of the past.

It starts with the facts, and sharing them.

Random Acts of Archaeology don’t require sites or screens, money or management plans - just basic skills of communication and the will to take on the misconceptions that fuel the myths that reside in the minds of many Kentuckians.

This year, KHC is inviting all Kentucky archaeologists and KyOPA members to commit a single Random Act of Archaeology on Saturday, October 20, 2012.

Let’s see what a difference we can make!

What To Do on October 20?

Three Ways to commit a Random Acts of Archaeology:

  1. Find a stranger in the grocery store, a neighbor, a kid, a teacher, a librarian, or a minute mart cashier. Then, tell them you are an archaeologist and that you are committing a Random Act of Archaeology. Talk to them about Kentucky archaeology for 5 minutes. Then answer their questions; wait for their comments.
  2. Post a Kentucky archaeology fact or photo to your Facebook page.
  3. Tweet a Kentucky archaeology fact to followers via Twitter.

List of Possible Random Acts of Archaeology

  • Pick a myth, and bust it.
  • Share a fact about Kentucky archaeology.*
  • Recount your favorite archaeology story.
  • Describe the coolest artifact or feature you have ever found.
  • Share archaeology trivia so they can "amaze and impress their friends."


Be sure to share your Random Act of Archaeology by e-mailing Kary Stackelbeck at KHC (kary.stackelbeck@ky.gov) or posting a message to the Kentucky Archaeology Facebook page.

*For some quick pointers on facts to share, visit the following pages of the KHC website: http://heritage.ky.gov/kas/didya.htm and http://heritage.ky.gov/kas/kyarchynew/

Contact Information
Kary Stackelbeck
502.564.7005, ext. 147


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