Putting it Back Together - the Reconstruction and Interpretation of Ancient Surface Decoration
Sponsored by Ancient Painting Studies Interest Group AIA
Thursday, January 2, 2014 to Sunday, January 5, 2014


Chicago, IL
United States

CFP Deadline: 
Friday, March 8, 2013

AIA/APA Annual Meeting, Chicago, IL

Please send abstract proposals by March 8th to ancientpainting@gmail.com.

This call for papers solicits work that addresses issues of physical, virtual and interpretive reconstruction and consolidation of ancient paintings, mosaics, stucco and other surface decoration. Our scope for this session is broad: we aim to integrate papers that explore various approaches to the study of visual schemes, including those that embrace questions of how to analyze, consolidate and present these media. Specifically, we seek papers that engage in the discourse surrounding the negotiation of virtual reconstruction and/or physical consolidation or restitution, and those that address issues regarding how archaeological methodologies inform conservation programs and how conservation issues may dictate field methodologies. Also of interest are papers concerning research programs that integrate advanced technologies for the purpose of art and materials reconstruction both virtually and physically.

Integral to these lines of inquiry are the theoretical frameworks that scholars construct and employ for analysis and interpretation, as well as questions regarding how reconstructions (and the process thereof) impact understanding of larger historical and cultural queries regarding decorative ensembles, iconographies, artistic practices, and the economic and social circumstances surrounding production and reception.

This session follows two successful workshop sessions organized by the Ancient Painting Studies Interest Group that were held at the AIA/APA annual meetings in 2012 and 2013. It aims to continue the cross-disciplinary discussions fostered in these earlier sessions, and therefore actively seeks papers that approach ancient surface decoration from the diverse perspectives and methodologies in the fields of archaeology, art history, anthropology, classics, conservation, history, material science and sociology. Unlike these earlier sessions however, this one will be a colloquium session rather than a workshop session, but it will maintain the short paper (10 minute) format, so as to include as many presentations as possible.

Please send an abstract (maximum 400 words) as well as your contact information, professional affiliation, and title of paper. The abstract must conform to the “AIA Style Guidelines for Annual Meeting Abstracts,” which is available in PDF format in the Annual Meeting section of the AIA website. http://aia.archaeological.org/webinfo.php?page=10193           

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