Dorchester Farm Day: Above and Below the Clapp Family Privy
Sponsored by Dorchester Historical Society
Sunday, October 6, 2013

William Clapp House and Barn
195 Boston Street
Dorchester, MA
United States

Join City Archaeologist, Joe Bagley, and state Archaeological Collections Manager, Jen Poulsen (caretakers at the Clapp House) at the Clapp family privy during the annual Farm Day event.  The Clapp family privy is one of the few remaining privies still standing in Boston.  Above, see the four seats for the family and learn about privies in the 17th through 19th centuries in Boston.  And below, take a peek inside and hear about how archaeologists interpret these features.  Other events at Farm Day include animals, cider pressing, and doll making.


Admission: Free

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