AIA-Southwest TX Archaeological Society Celebrates International Archaological Day and TX Archaeology Month
Sponsored by AIA-SWTAS and National Park Service
Saturday, October 12, 2013 - 9:00am to 2:00pm

Spanish Mission San Jose, NPS
Roosevelt Ave.
San Antonio, TX 78247
United States



As part of the annual AIA International Archaeology Day and Texas Archaeology Month celebrations, the AIA-Southwest TX Archaeological Society (SWTAS) will join other regional archaeological societies and the National Park Service (NPS) to provide information and activities about archaeology. On October 12 at the San Antonio Missions National Park, SWTAS will join forces with the Texas Coritani group to provide an ancient writing (Mayan, Linear B Greek, Ogham (ancient Celtic), and Egyptian) workshop to more than 2000 school children. Society volunteers will provide instruction about these cultures and their writing methods, teaching children to write their names and birthdates in various scripts.


In addition, at the same day and place, SWTAS will participate with the TX Archaeology Society (TAS) in an artifact identification activity for adults. Anyone with an artifact (arrowheads, pottery, coins, etc.) will be able to bring it to a panel of eminent archaeologists (including SWTAS members) to be identified. The experts will only identify the artifact, not provide a financial appraisal. SWTAS will present information regarding the AIA Site Preservation grants program, and knowledge regarding proper, legal excavation methods, prevention of looting, and the need to preserve cultural heritage. Handouts will be available on the AIA programs and membership, as well as SWTAS activities. By such widespread participation, SWTAS can provide education and outreach to the broadest spectrum of the general public regarding the many benefits AIA provides about the wonders of archaeology.

Contact Information
Laura Childs, President, AIA-SWTAS
210-977-6100 (work)


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