Archaeology in Film Events: Indiana Jones Marathon
Sponsored by College of Charleston, Archaeology Club
Wednesday, October 16, 2013 - 7:00pm

College of Charleston
66 George Street
Charleston, SC 29424
United States

The members AIA-South Carolina Society, in collaboration with the Archaeology Club of the College of Charleston, collectively submit this proposal for an AIA Society Outreach Grant with great enthusiasm. In conjunction with next October’s Archaeology Day activities, we aim to host screening of films that will draw attention to the discipline across campus and throughout the community. Next year’s theme is Indiana Jones and we plan on showing Raiders of the Lost Ark and Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. The Archaeology in Film Event is free and open to the public.

                  The ultimate goal of the Archaeology in Film Event is to raise public awareness about local, regional, national, and international opportunities in our discipline. The screening will be accompanied by a discussion on the facts and fantasy found in cinematic renditions of archaeology and archaeologists led by College of Charleston professors. This discussion time will also allow us to communicate the importance of the AIA and to recruit new members. We believe popular media can serve as a viable in-route for accessing the next generation of archaeologists and for inspiring amateur enthusiasts.

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Alvaro Ibarra


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