International Archaeology Days in Spokane WA
Sponsored by Spokane WA Society of th AIA
Wednesday, October 16, 2013 - 12:00pm to Thursday, October 17, 2013 - 3:00pm

Women's Studies Event Center
207F Monroe Hall
Cheney, WA 99004
United States

International Archaeology Day

Spokane Society of the AIA

The Spokane Society of the AIA is excited to announce our activities for International Archaeology Day.  Our celebration will include a number of activities over two days.  Our events involve the collaboration among several departments and institutions, and will be tailored for and directed towards different audiences.

Wednesday, October 16—Lecture and Workshop

On Wednesday, October 16, we will have an archaeological lecture and a workshop to be held at Eastern Washington University in Cheney, WA.  This event is hosted by Carol Vines, Manager of the Women's Studies Center, and will be held in their lecture and event center located in 207F Monroe Hall.  The lecture will begin at 12 Noon, and the workshop will continue until 2 PM. 

As the venue might suggest, the theme of the lecture is directly related to Women’s Studies.

Lecture Title:

The Archaeology of Gender and the Feminine Divine:  Role Models for Modern Feminist Thought

From the idea of sacred prostitution to a goddess whose liver delights in bloody warfare, ancient culture has much to say concerning modern feminist issues.  Drawing upon both archaeological and textual evidence, Dr. Bonny Bazemore will present the broad outlines of the primary religious belief in the ancient Near East, where the force of the Feminine Divine controlled orgiastic sex, birth, war, resurrection, and nature itself.  This lecture will include information from Dr. Bazemore’s own excavations in the ancient kingdom of Paphos, Cyprus, where Homer locates the birthplace, home, and temple of Aphrodite herself.

Dr. Georgia Bonny Bazemore is Jeffers R. Chertok Professor of Ancient History at Eastern Washington University and is the Director of the Rantidi Forest Excavations in Paphos, Cyprus.

Discussion will follow the lecture.  Discussion will be augmented by the presence of a small study collection of ancient sherds.  Eastern Washington University Graduate Students who have participated in Dr. Bazemore’s excavations will be present and will speak of their practical experiences on an archaeological dig.

This event is open to the students and faculty of EWU, as well as to the general public.  A special invitation is extended to our Spokane Society AIA members.

The Spokane Society is very excited to participate once again in the International Archaeology Day of the Archaeological Institute of America!

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Dr. Georgia Bonny Bazemore


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