Preserving the Past for the Future Poster Competition
Sponsored by Belize National Institute of Culture and History
Friday, October 4, 2013

Institute of Archaeology Museum Building
Culvert Road

1. The poster should effectively depict the Institute of Archaeology's (IA) Motto "Preserving the Past for the Future". Note: While the poster should focus on archaeology, please keep in mind that archaeology in Belize is not limited to only the Maya; it also includes the Colonial Period.

2. The poster should be no more than 28 x 18 inches or no less than 18 x 13 inches/

3. The concept, layout and design must be an original work by the student.

4. The use of electronic aids such as Photoshop is NOT allowed.

5. There will be two categories for this competition: (i) High School (1st & 2nd Forms) and (ii) Upper Primary School (Standards 4 - 6).

6. Poster must be clearly labeled with students' name, age, school & class/

7. Deadline for submission of poster is 4 pm on Friday, October 4th, 2013. Poster should be sent to the IA address below.

8. All submitted posters become the propertiy of IA-NICH.

9. One prize will be issued per winning entry.



1st Place: Tablet
2nd Place: Digital Camera
3rd Place: School/Art Supplies

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