Archeology Awareness Days
Sponsored by Mitchell Prehistoric Indian Village Preservation Society
Saturday, July 5, 2014 to Sunday, July 6, 2014

Mitchell Prehistoric Indian Village
3200 Indian Village Road
Mitchell, SD 57301
United States

Archeology Awareness Days is an annual event showcasing primitive technology from the Initial Missouri Tradition and Mississippian Culture.  Flint knappers, hide tanners, pottery experts, and more are on site demonstrating how the ancestors of the first people to live in this region survived.  Archaeology and Anthropology students from the University of Exeter, England, will be excavating the site of a 1,100 year-old village.  Excavations take place inside the Thomsen Archeodome, a structure built to enclose the site and protect it from the harsh winters of South Dakota.  Also attending will be Drs. Adrien Hannus (Augustana College, Sioux Falls), Alan Outram (University of Exeter, England) and Landon Karr (Augustana College, Sioux Falls).

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