Textiles and Cult in the Mediterranean Area in the first Millennium BC International Workshop
Sponsored by The Danish National Research Foundation
Thursday, November 21, 2013 - 9:00am to Friday, November 22, 2013 - 9:30am


(The original preliminary program is over and the page for it was taken down - since the Workshop is still in the future but lacks a general overview besides the program for the Workshop, I approximated the information a prospective workshop-goer would need or want)

An International Workshop featuring the following speakers:

21st of November

Margarita Gleba, UCL
Sacred cloth: consumption and production of textiles in ancient Mediterranean cultic contexts
Orit Shamir, Israel Antiquities Authority
The High Priest Garments compared to Textiles found in the Land of Israel
Maria Gerolemou, Open University of Cyprus
Dressing the Priests and Priestesses in ancient Mediterranean (5th. ce. BC): Herodotus as a source-book
Maria Papadopoulou, Research Centre for Modern Greek Dialects, Academy of Athens
Ηead-dress for success: cultic uses of the Hellenistic mitra
Clarisse Pretre
CNRS, ArScAn (Archéologie du monde grec archaïque et classique)
Université Paris Ouest
Sacred garments, profane fabrics. The offerings of textiles in the inventories of Delos
Jens Krasilnikoff & Karen Kristensen, University of Aarhus
Dress, Code, and Identity-of-Place in Greek Religion
Sara Karatas, University of Bristol
Dress-codes related to the cult of Demeter and to other Greek cults
Miguel Ángel Andrés-Toledo, CTR
Dressed in Beaver Fur: a Coat for a Zoroastrian Goddess?
Salvatore Gaspa, CTR
Textiles in Assyrian and Babylonian Temples in First Millennium BC
22nd of November
Lin Foxhall, University of Leicester
(Title to be announced)
Debi Cassuto, Bar Ilan University, Israel
Modes of Textile Production in Cultic Contexts in the Southern Levant
Jan Kindberg, Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek, Gloria Paola Mittica and Sine Grove Saxkjær, University of Aarhus
Evidence for ritual textile production on Timpone della Motta from c. 800 to 510 BC
Elly Weistra, University of Groningen
Terracottas, textiles and cult in the Athenaion at Francavilla Marittima, Southern Italy
Francesco Meo, University of Salento, Bianca Ferrara, University of Naples and Giovanna Greco, University of Naples
Loom weights in sacred contexts: the square building of the Heraion at river Sele mouth
Hedvig Landenius Enegren, CTR
The loom weights from the ‘Scarico di Grotta Vanella’; Evidence for a sanctuary on the North Acropolis of Segesta?
Zosia Halina Archibald, University of Liverpool
Astral symbols on a loom weight from Adjiyska Vodenitsa (ancient Pistiros), Thrace: women, astronomy, and cult
Alessandro Quercia, University of Leicester
Temple key or distaff? A ambiguous artifact from the Greek and indigenous sanctuaries of southern Italy
Tina Boloti, University of Crete
Offering of cloth and/or clothing to the sanctuaries: a case of ritual continuity from the 2nd to the 1st millenium B.C. in the Aegean?
Jane Draycott, University of Sheffield
“Such is the latest form taken by the luxury of our women!”: Flowers, fabric and cult activity in the ancient Roman home


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