Art and Faith: Armenian Church Collections of Constantinople
Sponsored by Mississippi Valley Textile Museum
Wednesday, March 19, 2014 - 7:00pm

Mississippee Valley Textile Museum
3 Rosamond Street E
Almonte, ON

Lecture by Ronald Marchese, Emeritus, University of MInnesota, Duluth

Like many collections, the Armenian Orthodox Church treasuries in Istanbul contain objects that were never meant to be displayed in a museum, appear in a book or be part of a scholarly lecture. Their primary purpose was to serve, honor, and glorify God. Acquired over many centuries, such objects were more than thread, cloth, metal, stone, wood, and definitely more than complicated composition and elaborate iconography. They were a physical testament to religious belief that symbolized the intense spiritual conviction of the lay community.

Ron Marchese is the recipient (with M. Breu) of the R. L. Shep Ethnic Textiles Book Award (2012) for  Splendor and Pageantry: Textile Treasures from the Armenian Orthodox Churches of Istanbuland the Dolores Zohrab Liebmann Foundation award (2009) for Treasures of Faith: Sacred Relics and Artifacts from the Armenian Orthodox Churches of Istanbul. He is recently retired from the University of Minnesota where is now Professor Emeritus.

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